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As blogging reaches critical mass, in terms of media exposure, one man quietly fumed that people had stopped kissing his ass.

That man is Dave Winer.

Since the late 1990's he has given the blogging community several valuable contributions, yet there was always a capricious nature to his gifts. Piss him off and he would pull up stakes, cut off access, or change a spec - always on an emotional jag. He was the kid who would threaten to take the ball home whenever things weren't going his way.

This week Time magazine runs a feature story on blogs and fails to mention Dave Winer. You see Dave invented blogging, just like Al Gore invented the Internet. But Time has determined that Dave is yesterday's news, a new generation of bloggers has made him and his software a relic. In response, a pissed off Dave Winer launches a retaliatory attack on 3,000 blogs - effectively handing them a death sentence with no notice.

OK, so that's not exactly how it happened, but it does make for a good story and it makes about as much sense as what little of the story can be pieced together from following links around. The truth is that without warning Dave just shutdown the blogs hosted at weblogs.com. My favorite post title about the debacle is from Q Daily News - Seriously, people trusted this man?

Elsewhere - Michele Catalano takes Dave to task not for shutting down the free service, but for his heavy handed handling of the situation - a sentiment expressed on several different sites. Doc Searls (who magically escaped the shutdown) has details, and Joho The Blog has Dave Winer answering questions (in his usual "kiss my ass" tone) in the comments to this post.

And finally rather that try to plod though Dave's audio post of the shutdown, Jeneane Sessum has transcribed audio announcement.


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