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Bad TV Alert!

West coast TV viewers, Leonard Pinth-Garnell says you still have a chance to catch this year's My Mother The Car (of Manimal, or Cop Rock, etc.).

It's on Fox and it's called Quintuplets and airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c. If you miss it tonight you might miss it forever as the folks at the message board are demanding it never air again.

Leonard Pinth-Garnell
Leonard Pinth-Garnell says, "Bravo! Monumentally ill-advised!"

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Proof that Andy Richter doe... (Below threshold)

Proof that Andy Richter does not, in fact, control the universe.

Gotta say, I'm terribly dis... (Below threshold)

Gotta say, I'm terribly disappointed by Andy's script choice this time.

quints, ranging from a faustino mutant to a hot chick?


Geez, was I the only person... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Geez, was I the only person who actually liked "Cop Rock?" The jury rising and singing "he's guilty" like a church choir, the bad guys rapping "Here on the streets, WE got the power, WE got the power..."

And it had Peter Onorati as a bad cop -- a slightly more hirsute Vic Mackey, about a decade early. I lived vicariously through that man when we was on camera boinking my adolescent crush, Mariel Hemingway, in "Civil Wars..."

What wasn't to love about Cop Rock?


(And "Manimal" wasn't THAT bad, either...)






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