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Let Me Get This Straight...

Jeff Jarvis highlights Howard Stern's manic freakout session on New York Post gossip columnist Lloyd Grove. Trashing gossip columnist should be one of the safest moves you can make, since while widely read they are frequent punching bags for celebrities. In this case it's Stern who comes off looking like the self centered arrogant prick...

Here is Grove's article on Stern. According to the article Jay Leno is a scumbag for stealing from Stern, but if anyone dares to point out a touch of hypocracy on Howard's part they are scumbag too. Feh...

As much as I support Stern's fight against the FCC, he appears to have become everything he used to mock - a self obsessed, bitter, old gasbag.

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I have no sympathy at all f... (Below threshold)

I have no sympathy at all for Mr. Stern in his fight with the FCC. It is a fight of Stern's own making. As long as there has been commercial radio, ham and CB, for that matter, there have been specific words one may not use. Fine. Live with it.
Stern is like the mean little guy in the bar who gets drunk and goes all the way across the room to punch a great big guy minding his own business. He's got nothing coming when he gets his butt kicked.
It would be one thing if Stern were singled out for political or religious ideas, he's not. He is deliberately breaking the same rules that every other radio personality lives by and then crying foul.
No one has ever successfully explained just how they are hurt by not being able to hear the word 'shit' on the radio.

Ummm... When has Howard St... (Below threshold)

Ummm... When has Howard Stern not been as you phrase it a "self centered arrogant prick"?

I haven't really noticed a change in overall behavior, just the targets.

When has Howard Stern no... (Below threshold)

When has Howard Stern not been as you phrase it a "self centered arrogant prick"?

I've been listening to Howard Stern since well before Air Florida 90 crashed into the 14th Street Bridge in DC in 1982 (I remember this because Howard called Air Florida the next day, asking if he could get a ticket from Washington National to the 14th Street Bridge). In my experience, he's always been a self-centered arrogant prick.






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