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NRA Goes On Air

James Dao in the New York Times (Registration required *) notes that the National Rifle Associations news division (headed by blogger and talk show host Cam Edwards) is moving to broadcast over the Sirius satellite radio network. Why the sudden interest in talk radio? Campaign finance reform:

Under the new campaign finance law, groups are no longer allowed to use soft money to buy radio or television spots that advocate or oppose candidates within 60 days of a general election or within 30 days of a primary or a national political convention.

The law exempts media companies, allowing them to report on, analyze and even endorse federal candidates at any time. Mr. LaPierre said that after an exhaustive analysis, lawyers for his group had concluded that it would become eligible for the exemption after it had begun to broadcast its program.

"What we're doing is no different from what Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern or Air America with Al Franken do," Mr. LaPierre said.

He said the program would probably not endorse a presidential candidate but would examine records on gun issues.

Congratulations Cam!

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On the other side of the st... (Below threshold)

On the other side of the street, Air America will likely continue the Bush hatefest well into the election and beyond. Unhindered by those campaign laws, shrieking to the stars and beyond.

If Air America is still broadcasting, that is.

Thanks, Kevin! I appreciat... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Kevin! I appreciate it.

And I'm looking forward to being a few spots away from Air America on the Sirius dial. Maybe Randi Rhodes will start listening to me and come to her senses.






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