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Places To Go, Things To See...

  • Project Apollonia is the Dream of Grupo Utopia Founder David Anderson and children's book author Nancy Gilliam. The purpose of the project is to provide Costa Rican school children with access to high quality English language books for grades K-6. The Goal of Project Apollonia is to donate 1,000 children's books to Costa Rican schools by June of this year (2004), and 10,000 by the end of the year. Visit the site and send some of your books the the children!
  • Designs On The White House is a site that is aims to close the swag gap between the Kerry campaign and Bush. Evident ally the Kerry campaign has some pretty pathetic official merchandise. The folks behind the NYC Blogger Map, Mac at GoFish, and a host of others are behind this grass roots effort. They're announcing the winners of their T-Shirt design contest Monday June 21st. You can see the finalists here.
  • Sgt. Hook has put out a request for new or used shoes for Afghani children. He's calling it Operation Shoe Fly. Go check out the details.
  • BoiFromTroy is approaching the 100,000 visitor mark. He's running a contest to guess which site will refer the 100,000th visitor and when. Winner gets free Blogads. There are less than 500 visitors to go, so get your guess in ASAP!
Update (9:20PM Pacific) : There is still time to get your guess in at BoiFromTroy, only 85 visitors to go though.


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