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Given spotty history of journalist bloggers (i.e., Ann Coulter, Greg Easterbrook) I had pretty low expectations for Michelle Malkin's blog. I expected some sort of "buy my book" promotional site or "here is my collection of articles from other sites" blog, but I was wrong.

Malkin's blog looks, feels, and reads like a regular blog. Before you accuse me of damning with faint praise, let me correct that misconception - for that's is the ultimate praise.

It's clear that Malkin reads blogs, understands the dynamics of interlinking with other blogs, and is willing to provide enough new material on a daily basis to make her site a daily visit for readers. She avoids the common pitfalls of beginning bloggers of trying to hit every major news story, instead concentrating on bringing a unique perspective to a selected set of topics. In short, her site is concise, entertaining, and extremely readable.

Highly recommended.


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Comments (10)

I noticed the same thing (a... (Below threshold)

I noticed the same thing (and had similar expectations).

And you are right: it's a real blog.

She even has a real Blogroll.

Agree with your observation... (Below threshold)

Agree with your observations, Kevin, she's got the knack of this blogging thing.

Example - blogrolling and linking to Wizbang got a nice plug! :)

I didn't know Michelle had ... (Below threshold)

I didn't know Michelle had a weblog until now. Thanks! I've always liked her :)

More and more I am begining... (Below threshold)

More and more I am begining to understand the appeal of conservatism to guys. The conservative ladies are hotties. I would take her or the Dominatrix in disguise Coulter over Wonkette any day.

Come over to the Dark Side,... (Below threshold)

Come over to the Dark Side, David! ;-)

Damn McGehee, I am begining... (Below threshold)

Damn McGehee, I am begining to feel that way. Kevin and I will rap about it when he comes down to Costa Rica so I can him the beer I promised him. Of course, if he does come you guys will likely lose a faithful leader, cause once he sees the honeys here in Costa Rica, he will never return. Take a look at my Blog for yesterday, the video from the Lingerie fashion show.

Being based in the Philippi... (Below threshold)

Being based in the Philippines I noted Michele in a post a few months back. No links to her work, just praise for a Filipino that has made a difference.

Within 12 hours of my post I received an Email from her with thanks for the kind words I had written. It was very obvious she had done the "Goggle thing," and found my entry.

So yes she is VERY aware of Blogs.

Time to do a Google Bomb. M... (Below threshold)

Time to do a Google Bomb. Michele, you are fine!
I am about as conservative as I am german, but you can drop by ISOU anytime. LOL! No seriously though, she is a beautiful woman, and a very bright one. Kevin, when are you coming to Costa Rica, invite Michele along for a fact finding mission.

Sigh. I know that I'm in t... (Below threshold)

Sigh. I know that I'm in the minority here, but Malkin doesn't have COMMENTS. Therefore, in my very humble opinion, it is NOT A BLOG.

It's a great website, though. A regularly-updated website, full of topical tidbits and opinion. Just like so many other sites.

The distinguishing characteristic of a blog, to me, is the ability to interact with readers (and let readers interact with each other) via a commenting system.

Just like Greta's "blog" and Linda Vester's "blog" over at FNC -- great sites, good to see them using the web to keep up updated -- but without comments, it's just not the same.

Of course, I could be wrong.

I'm sure she'd like to have... (Below threshold)

I'm sure she'd like to have comments, but then Anderson would be stalking her and, well, one thing would lead to another and we'd be at war with Costa Rica.

And I have friends who like to go down there to do ham radio contests. A war would really suck for them.






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