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Where Were You Ten Years Ago Today?

The O.J. Simpson trial, a decade later

What where you doing when you heard about O.J.'s infamous slow speed chase? Share your story.

Update: Did you know there are transcipts of the cell phone conversations between O.J. Simpson and police during the slow speed chase available?

Clifford Pugh in the Houston Chronicle details how that fatefull day change the face of television.

Since O.J. was too much of a pussy to follow through with suicide, the biggest loser of the day was David Hasselhoff. Heir Hasselhoff was "rocking" Atlantic City on Pay Per View and no one was buying. According to Hasselhoff, right after coming off stage he ran into Donald Trump watching O.J. and said, "tell me that's not live!"


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Comments (32)

My wife and I were over at ... (Below threshold)

My wife and I were over at a friends house eating dinner. Our wives asked us to turn the TV off. We said, "but that's the Juice-OJ. Heissman Trophy winner. USC."

--blank stare

"The guy from those Avis commercials"

--blank stare

"He was in the Naked Gun movies."

--blank stare

*sigh* Women.

Screaming at the TV because... (Below threshold)

Screaming at the TV because it interrupted the Rockets in the Finals.

I called up the local NBC affiliate and then NBC in NYC, encountering jammed switchboards both times.

Was working at the post off... (Below threshold)

Was working at the post office at the time. Most of the employees simply stopped working because this was too important.

I believe I was at work, st... (Below threshold)

I believe I was at work, still living in the Midwest. When I saw footage of the chase later that night, I recall thinking: "This is going to turn into an even bigger circus than it is now."

I was at home watching my b... (Below threshold)

I was at home watching my brother get all pissed off because it was the first day of his vaction -- only he worked at Hard Copy, so his vacation had to be cancelled.

Watching Hasselhoff.<... (Below threshold)

Watching Hasselhoff.

Really bummed that I was about to turn 32.

I had a full time job and s... (Below threshold)

I had a full time job and school. I never watched tv, so I found out about it days after it happened when I talked to my dad on the phone. He said "You'd have to go back to Shakespeare, or the Bible to find something as bizarre and dramatic."

I had to miss most of the c... (Below threshold)

I had to miss most of the chase because I had to go to my bar review class.

I wrote about it previously at my blog.

My parents' generation gets to remember where they were when Kennedy was shot, and all I get to remember is this dumb slow speed car chase that I didn't even get to watch.

What's all this about OJ? ... (Below threshold)

What's all this about OJ? Did he do something?

I was living in the basemen... (Below threshold)

I was living in the basement apartment at my parents' house. It was a Friday night and I was channel surfing when I hit CNN - I think it was Larry King - showing the Bronco "chase" live. I ran upstairs to tell my mother and we watched the whole thing together in her living room.

I was at LAX, waiting for a... (Below threshold)

I was at LAX, waiting for a flight after graduating from boot camp. We were sitting in a Mexican bar, still dressed in our Service "A's" having Coronas and trying to figure out what the news commentators were saying; it was in Spanish, and the only thing we could make out was "OJ." Oh, well, we agreed. We kept drinking.

SGT. Robb

I honestly can't remember w... (Below threshold)

I honestly can't remember where I was, but I remember the first thing that came to mind . . . Now, just how far would I get running from that many cops at 35 mph?

Same as Laurence... screami... (Below threshold)

Same as Laurence... screaming at the TV because they preempted Hakeem putting on a clinic on how to dominate.

Am I correct in remembering it was on a Friday?

Chrees,Yep, it was... (Below threshold)


Yep, it was on a Friday.

You know, I don't even reme... (Below threshold)

You know, I don't even remember ... I do remember that I was in my college gym when they declared the not gulty verdict on the radio. I had a high intensity workout after that ...

I was at a nightclub in Man... (Below threshold)

I was at a nightclub in Manayunk getting shitfaced. Weirdly, I even remember what I was wearing.

Some things are just too strange not to remember every detail.

I was in my last year of un... (Below threshold)

I was in my last year of undergrad and working at a local furniture store. We all just sat there in amazement watching the footage of the chase across 30 big TVs all broadcasting it simultaneously... it was pretty cool.

I was driving to work liste... (Below threshold)

I was driving to work listening to talk show hosts freak out because some people were hanging "Run, O.J.! Run!" signs off of freeway overpasses.

Gotta admit, the talk show guys had a point.

I am not proud to say that won the office pool on the verdict (called both charges correctly).

I was lucky enough to be at... (Below threshold)

I was lucky enough to be at home, so I was able to watch pretty much the entire thing live. (I was 12 years old at the time.) The most memorable moment for me was when Simpson's driver stepped out of the car and approached police, and Dan Rather solemnly intoned, "O.J. Simpson -- Arrested." Hehe.

I was sitting on my grandmo... (Below threshold)

I was sitting on my grandmothers bed in my pjs. My grandmother was shouting obscenities at the tv. I remember a few years later when they stopped my english class at school to turn on all the tvs to listen to the verdict too.

I had done some shopping in... (Below threshold)

I had done some shopping in Laguna and was trying to get home to Anaheim. The @#$%^ freeway was closed off. When I found out why, I was willing to shoot the bastard Myself.

I was doing the same thing ... (Below threshold)

I was doing the same thing as Laurence. Going nuts because they kept interrupting the freaking NBA finals.

My wife and I had just fini... (Below threshold)
gill bates:

My wife and I had just finished our aniversiry dinner (5th.) at La Collene's in Washington DC and had stopped in at the Dubliner, next door, to listen to some irish music and have a pint. We were sitting at the bar talking when I suddenly realized they had a big TV turned on next to the small stage and people were watching it. After a few minutes we found out what was going on and we watched the fun for awhile. We left to return to our Arlington redidence and got home just in time to see him pulling up to his house.

Hmm, at the young age of 10... (Below threshold)

Hmm, at the young age of 10...I was probably watching Power Rangers. Perhaps Ninja Turtles.

I remember being in some st... (Below threshold)

I remember being in some store which had it running on TV, and everyone standing around, but I can't remember what kind of store or anything.

The fact that this was all ten years ago makes the fact that I saw a neighbor wearing an OJ football jersey over the weekend a whole bunch more creepy.

On one of the overpasses wi... (Below threshold)

On one of the overpasses with a sign that said, run juice, run!

I was at a friends house, t... (Below threshold)

I was at a friends house, there were fifteen people there drinking beer, and everyone was waiting for OJ to do it already (with the gun). Then this hippie guy got all pissed off that we were staring at this story, because, in his words, "It's not like it's Rwanda or something!" Sheesh. Hippies.

I kept waiting for someone ... (Below threshold)

I kept waiting for someone to find out he wasn't really in the Bronco, but in another car waiting to get through Customs into Mexico while everyone was watching the Bronco "chase."

He wasn't as smart as I was giving him credit for at the time.

"Heir Hasselhoff"I... (Below threshold)

"Heir Hasselhoff"

I think you mean Herr (Mister/Sir) and not Heir (one who inherits).

I was in charge of the purs... (Below threshold)

I was in charge of the pursuit of the guilty SOB. Look for the car with "supervisor" just in front of the doors.

I was at the gym, and the T... (Below threshold)

I was at the gym, and the TV was on but the sound was off (people with radios and headphones were hearing it, though). I glanced over every so often and kept seeing the white Bronco, but I didn't understand what was happening, so I thought, "I don't know what this is, but it must be the most boring show ever!" Finally someone who could hear the sound explained what it was.

I was on my way to see The ... (Below threshold)

I was on my way to see The Los Angeles Women's Shakespeare Project perform "Othello" (jealous black celebrity murders his white wife). No lie.






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