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Armed 12 Year Old And Mom Arrested At School

The last day of the school year at a local middle school will not be forgotten anytime soon. From The Washington Post:

A 12-year-old boy plotting to frighten or even kill students who had teased him and then hold hostages to extort money was arrested yesterday morning at a Prince William County middle school after an administrator found him with a loaded rifle and two other guns, police said.

The seventh-grader was arrested in full camouflage gear on the last day of school after officials at Bull Run Middle School locked down the building and police stormed it under a plan developed after the shootings at Colorado's Columbine High School in 1999.

Police also arrested the boy's mother, Naomi Lewis, 38, a cafeteria worker at the school in the county's Gainesville section, and charged her with possession of a weapon on school property, law enforcement sources said. The boy had gotten a ride to school with his mother and left the guns in her car. Lewis noticed the guns and locked the car but never reported that they were there, police said in a statement. The boy later went back with a car key and retrieved the guns, police said.

Lewis did not know her son had a key and did not know of the plot, sources said. The guns belonged to the family, and neighbors said police removed about 20 additional weapons from the home on Brave Court in Haymarket.

Police Chief Charlie T. Deane said detectives believe that the boy wanted to scare or hurt other students and that he also was planning to take hostages.

"Some information leads us to believe there could have been a hostage situation with demands for money," Deane said. "It's still early, and we just don't know the extent of it yet."

The amazing thing is that the mom wasn't even a little concerned that the car was filled with weapons...

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KevinPlease read Cod... (Below threshold)
Pam Pouchot:

Please read Code of Virginia 18.2-308.1 all the way to the exemptions. Firearms possession in a vehicle on school property by ANYONE is legal as long as the firearm is unloaded and stored in a firearms rack, a closed container or a locked trunk. The vehicle is not required to be locked by state statute. It is even legal to bring an unloaded firearm (with ammunition in your pocket)to a non-school sponsored function on school property, such as a PTA meeting, a scout meeting or a Little League game. With a conceal carry permit, anyone may possess a loaded concealed handgun at that non-school sponsored funtion. Until the law is amended Naomi Lewis did nothing illegal. She may guilty of extremely poor judgement, but there is no law against that. The school division could have enacted a policy forbidding its employees from possessing firearms on school property as a condition of employment (15.2-915, amended 2003)but chose not to do so. Their policy manual section on weapons policy has not been amended since 1993 according to their Internet site. Even federal law USCode, Title 18, Part I, Chapter 44, Section 922, paragraph (q) section (2) subsection (B)permits the possession of unloaded firearms in a vehicle on school property.

Federal law does permit the creation of gun free school zones. The Virginia Committee For Gun-Free Schools has had legislation introduced in the Virginia General Assembly since 1999 attempting to create gun-free school zones. It has been killed in the House Committee on Militia, Police and Public Safety and in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee each year. Anyone interested in reading this legislation can go their site at leg1.state.va.us/lis.htm, and input HB1025.

The Virgina School Board Association, The Virginia Association of School Superintendents, The State Board of Education, and the state-wide associations for Police, Sheriffs and Commonwealth Attorneys DO NOT support gun-free school legislation, but they will be the first in line to try to prosecute someone who has acted WITHIN the law. Only the Virginia Education Association and the Virginia State PTA have supported this legislation. Until those groups that have the political clout to change laws agree to act, firearms in vehicles and at non-school sponsored functions on school property will be legal in Virginia. And that should make all thinking persons outraged. The SILENT majority will continue to be their ally.

Interested in joining our lobbying efforts to make Virginia's school safer for our children? Contact Pam Pouchot, chairman of The Virginia Committee for Gun-Free Schools at [email protected] for more information.






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