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How Appropriate

Eric Fettmann in the New York Post notes the unintended irony in this DNC scheduling misstep.

The opening night of next month's Democratic convention in Boston is set to feature an emotional party tribute to hometown hero Ted Kennedy, who has served in office longer than every other senator but one.

Guess no one at the Democratic National Committee took a close look at the calendar: That July 26 salute to Teddy just happens to coincide with . . . the 35th anniversary of Chappaquiddick.

Brought to you by the same folks who think character matters (Kerry), except when character doesn't matter (Clinton and Ted Kennedy).

Update: My only quibble with Fettmann is that while Kerry may be a decorated war hero, his whole post-Vietnam era is ripe with potential to torpedo a "character matters" guy. Kerry might want to think about just jumping to the "character doesn't matter" bandwagon.

Update 2:: If you want to make the news and you plan on visiting the exterior of the Democratic National Convention in Boston (i.e. hang out in the protest areas) you might want to come dressed as Mary Jo Kopechne's drowned corpse that night. You'd be a lock to make the news...


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Comments (6)

Good timing, eh?Ca... (Below threshold)

Good timing, eh?

Can't wait to see what vitriolic ramblings spew forth from Teddy's jowls next month.

In all Honesty, I think the... (Below threshold)

In all Honesty, I think the Democratic party needs to start focussing on new Blood. These icons of the Democratic past are too sullied with the baggage of their past.
Truthfully, both parties STINK to high heaven when it comes to Character. Look at Tom DeLay. Ted Kennedy has done some good things over the years, but he has also shown himself to be an ass at times. If they want to give him a party, why dont they just make it a retirement party, and move on.
On the other hand. People in Glass Houses should not throw stones. There have been a lot of sex scandals on both sides of the aisle over the years. Have we forgotten ole Strom Thurmond and his illegitimate Black child?

Really have to part with yo... (Below threshold)

Really have to part with you on this one, David--Ted Kennedy getting away clean from a DWI accident that took a life (nevermind his concern being focused on a cover-up instead of a rescue that night) is not your typical "scandal." I don't seem to remember DeLay, Thurmond, or even Gingrich accused of killing anybody. I agree that where power lives, corruption seeks to move in, but Kennedy embodies the "untouchable" attitude that, quite frankly, nauseates me.

And shall I even bring up that while Trent Lott was crucified over some poorly thought-out remarks at Thurmond's birthday party, Robert Byrd continues to serve--a former Klansman--though he used the "n-word" in an interview?

There is corruption on both sides of the aisle, yes. But anyone can see how differently the two sides are treated when that corruption comes to light.

Bo, I dont dissagree with y... (Below threshold)

Bo, I dont dissagree with you on any of your points except one. Both sides when it can be shown that they did something wrong or even are suspected of it, get hung out to dry.
Remember the Kerry intern?
As for Byrd. Agreed.

David -- Strom Thurmond was... (Below threshold)

David -- Strom Thurmond was a Democrat when he concieved his child out of wedlock.

Actually he was niether Dem... (Below threshold)

Actually he was niether Democrat nor Republican. He had not gone into politics yet. What he was was just another southern racist who figured it was okay to pop the cherry of his 16 year old "Niggra" Maid.






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