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New Jersey Votes For Drunk Chicks

Right thinking legislators in New Jersey aim to restore the right of "Joisy" girls to get 25 cent Fuzzy Navels and Sex On The Beach.

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - It's unanimous: Women deserve a cheap drink, at least in New Jersey bars and restaurants. Despite an administrative ruling that says the ladies' night at a Cherry Hill bar and restaurant violated state civil rights rules, Assembly members Thursday said there ought to be a law protecting the practice.

The Assembly voted 78-0 to approve a bill making it legal for bar owners and others to offer special promotions such as charging women different prices for drinks. The measure was designed to specifically overturn that June 1 ruling.

"It defies common sense to view Ladies Night as anything other than a way for a bar or restaurant owner to stay competitive and successful," said the measure's sponsor, Assemblyman Joseph Cryan, a Democrat.

Maybe they should call it: Tilt-A-Whirl Puking Chicks Who Are Going To Bang Some Bar Loser Because They Can't See Straight Night bill. That's the whole idea behind Ladies Night, right?

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You're awfully cynical, not... (Below threshold)

You're awfully cynical, not to mention mean. It's an old truism in the bar trade that if you get the girls, you get the guys. The promotion is intended to bring more women into the bar, hence more men, hence more business. You take it to mean something entirely different and entirely sexual, and in the most degrading terms. That reflects your mentality a lot more than it does the bar owners' or their patrons'.

Now, where are the feminist... (Below threshold)

Now, where are the feminists on this issue? Obviously this is a question of sex discrimination, and could be construed as a tool to degrade women, as this is a blatant attempt to draw scores of women into a place where they would be preyed upon by the flocks of sexist men who are incapable of appreciating the role of women in the 21st century . . .

Funny how principles are cast aside so easily in the name of personal convenience.

Personally, I can't believe... (Below threshold)

Personally, I can't believe time and breath was wasted on this issue at all. I do believe there are more pressing matters in the world. It reminds me of the brouhaha in PA over officially recognizing a state DIRT.

And Wally, Kevin's suggestion for the title was meant to be funny- apparently you didn't see the humor. A pity.

BoDiddly:I'm sure ... (Below threshold)


I'm sure feminists would gladly give up "ladies night" to end discrimination against women. Why do you assume otherwise?

Maybe because they didn't g... (Below threshold)

Maybe because they didn't gladly give up Bill Clinton...?

Joe:I assume other... (Below threshold)


I assume otherwise because I've seen otherwise--let's see . . . McGehee brought up the most glaring example before I had an opportunity. Remember how they ALL believed Anita, but Monica was part of a "vast right-wing conspiracy"? There's also the point that a female political figure is only given their support if she fits into their political mold. Dr. Condoleezza Rice was appointed to one of the highest political positions ever held by a female (and she's doing a great job, btw), but the administration responsible for that appointment is systematically vilified by feminists.

The basis for feminism is false. Women aren't looked upon by society as below men, but they are, generally speaking, better suited to different roles. Men are more attuned to being leaders, women to being nurturers. These roles are equally vital to a balanced society.

A fair parallel---if everybody were a rocket scientist, who'd build our roads? There's no shame in filling a need. We need women--strong women--raising our children, not pawning them off to hired help whilst they attend board meetings. As I've heard before: nobody ever stood at their mother's grave wishing she'd spent more time at the office. We also need men to be strong men. A man should care for his wife and provide for her, making sure his own wants don't compromise her needs and those of his family.

And quite honestly, that's where the fault falls--until men learn again how to be true men, women won't be able to be true women.






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