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Time to Switch Parties

As many of you know I am (or was) a pretty loyal Republican. [BTW This is a Paul post]

But I've been thinking it thru and it might be time to switch to the Democrat Party.

Free beer if you register to vote

(June 18, 2004) ó Hereís a way to get young people registered to vote: Give them free beer.

Thatís the plan at todayís East End Festival. Monroe County Democrats have teamed up with High Falls Brewery to offer two free 2-ounce beers to those who register to vote at the festival.

Wait- I just noticed something... 2 ounces!... 2 ounces of beer? I'd have to register to vote like 47 times! Typical Democrats. Always promising something for free they can't deliver.

On second thought, I think I'll stay a republican and pay for my own damn beer.


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Comments (8)

Hahah! It's probably crapp... (Below threshold)

Hahah! It's probably crappy beer too- you know, they're always doing things half-ass and all...

Knowing the Dems, it leaves... (Below threshold)

Knowing the Dems, it leaves you wondering from whose minibar the 2-oz beers were annexed.

I think that only 2 ounces ... (Below threshold)

I think that only 2 ounces does not a beer make.

2 ounces of beer? I'd ha... (Below threshold)

2 ounces of beer? I'd have to register to vote like 47 times!

Uh... Paul.... I think that's the plan. Do you actually think they'd have enough legitimate votes to win the election?

Curtis: don't you dare take... (Below threshold)

Curtis: don't you dare take this out on the beer.

And all this time I thought... (Below threshold)

And all this time I thought "microbrew" meant something else entirely.

You mean there won't be a g... (Below threshold)

You mean there won't be a government program to buy you beer if you vote Dimocratic? How far away can that be?

2 ounces of beer must, to t... (Below threshold)

2 ounces of beer must, to the Democrats, be the equivalent of the free smokes they passed out in Wisconsin four years ago.

But Free Beer? Sheesh, this sounds more like something the Liberal Party in Canada would end up doing!






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