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Second Annual 39th Birthday Celebration

Enough said...

Paul, Rodney, and Jay Tea will have the reins for the day, though I may pop in now and then.

Update: It's history now, and henceforth shall be known as my First Annual 40th Birthday Celebration. Thanks to those who left comments. It was a great day.


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Comments (12)

go get hammered, grill a co... (Below threshold)

go get hammered, grill a cow, and tell us how it comes out sometime Sunday.

Happy B-day!... (Below threshold)

Happy B-day!

Wow hehe you going to need ... (Below threshold)

Wow hehe you going to need viagra soon.

Happy B-day

To quote a wise doctor, "wh... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

To quote a wise doctor, "what's so damn remarkable about not having died?"

Congrats, Kevin! I trust you went forth and had several large animals slaughtered in your honor, demanded the deaths of many grapes and grains, and sent your cholesterol and lipids into a complete higgledy-piggedy, as is your right and duty on such an occasion.


(I urge you leave the ravishing of virgins to those who have yet to partake of connubial fusion, such as... well... me, for example.)

Happy birthday, old man*.</... (Below threshold)

Happy birthday, old man*.

*Just kidding, of course. I'm not that far behind you!

Happy birthday!! I'll be c... (Below threshold)

Happy birthday!! I'll be celebrating my 2nd annual 39th this December. See ya on the other side of the hill!

Welcome to the other side o... (Below threshold)

Welcome to the other side of the hill, Kevin.

Congrats Kevin. I am going ... (Below threshold)

Congrats Kevin. I am going to stop celebrating B-Days until you catch up with me. (44). When are you coming to Costa Rica so we can celebrate?

Your second 39th bir... (Below threshold)

Your second 39th birthday?

Dang whippersnapper.

Happy birthday!... (Below threshold)

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, young 'un</... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Happy Birthday, young 'un

You're still old. But to be... (Below threshold)

You're still old. But to be honest, I've considered myself "over the hill" since I turned 25.






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