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It Doesn't Matter What You Say

Laurence Simon makes a good point.

Tonights hostage video seen round the world features a begging and pleading South Korean citizen. Whether the begging was his idea or his captors, given the demonstrated barbarism of the scum carrying out these "kidnappings" there is no reason to cooperate.

These jihadists aren't interested in money or prison releases, just fear and PR. If, God forbid, you windup in their hands your only hope is to make a run for it when the opportunity presents itself. No matter what they tell you - you are going to die. Once you accept that fact you are free to do this.


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Comments (5)

You're right you are free t... (Below threshold)

You're right you are free to do it, but if faced with a bunch of thugs with machine guns it's a natural reaction to try anything you can to plead your way out of it. I have a fuller response here.

Thanks for sharing that sto... (Below threshold)

Thanks for sharing that story about the Italian hostage. I had not heard that before. I wonder why that didnt make big news or their (the captors) little website? As crazy as if sounds it made me feel better - at least someone got in a F-U before they did the cowardly inevitable.

The video of the Korean hostage was very unnerving this morning. You know what they are going to do - no matter what our (or Korea) response is and to hear him crying and pleading like that....it makes me sick....

I'll have to respectfully d... (Below threshold)

I'll have to respectfully disagree, Simon. I know of many folks I expect would prefer to die with dignity, rather than grovel for their captors' amusement, and still die anyway.

Boyd: I agree that many wo... (Below threshold)

Boyd: I agree that many would prefer to die with dignity. I just question whether many would actually be brave enough to endure that situation with enough fortitude to stand up to their captors. My main point is it is all easy for us to say these things, but they're not happening to us so we cannot judge those who are going through it.

I gathered as much after re... (Below threshold)

I gathered as much after reading the post at your site, Simon, but that's not exactly what you said in your initial comment. No matter, my heart and prayers go out to all those whom these evil, blood-sucking cowards have kidnapped.






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