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Blind Items - Blogger Edition

If you read the gossip columns you'll be familiar with the concept of blind items. I thought a little game of guess the blind item might be fun when applied to bloggers. Your assignment is to find the permalinks to the following 5 items. They appear at blogs appearing on my blogroll (or the reciprocal blogrolls).

  • Why do you hate 'tards, so much, Lindsay?
  • I'm playing a LOT of pinochle, and have re-discovered a forgotten love for Minesweeper.
  • I receive mediocre hugs.
  • If I worked as a stripper I would be wiping myself down with Chlorox Bleach Wipes every 15 minutes.
  • Like Velcro to Stupid
The first to correctly identify all five posts wins a Gmail invite, which you can do with as you please.

Comments (3)

1) <a href="http://www.defa... (Below threshold)

1) This post on defamer.com
2) This post from Note-In Posts which is one of my favorite blogs.
3) This Post from Sanity's Edge.
4) Hell, I've been through 40 blogs and can't find this one.
5) This great post from miniluv.

After searching 40ish blogs, that needle's just going to have to stay in that haystack. My eyes are about to fall out of my head. Someone else is just going to have to win the invite.

Bwah! I know some gmail inv... (Below threshold)

Bwah! I know some gmail invites that aren't going anywhere. Heeeeeeeeeee!

Thanks to an angel on my sh... (Below threshold)

Thanks to an angel on my shoulder, I picked up the spare!

There's that pesky (heh) comment number four!






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