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What Are Forbes Editors Smoking?

From Forbes: The Celebrity 100

96. William Hung

Given that he has no earnings to speak of, modest web search results, and a laughable "singing career" there's no reason for him to be on this list. Especially galling is that he shows up one spot ahead of Mean Girl Lindsay Lohan and her ample bosom impressive accomplishments...

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Kevin, she says they're rea... (Below threshold)

Kevin, she says they're real. And she's not retarded. Two points to be investigated, I say.

Speaking of that, did you n... (Below threshold)

Speaking of that, did you notice that they list Michael "Lord of the Dance" Flatley as the third highest magician. When did he ever do a magic trick? And right under him is David Blaine. Now that's a travesty.

Flatley got people to see h... (Below threshold)

Flatley got people to see his performances... if that's not magic, what is?






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