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Now Watch This Drive

Jeff Goldstein gives and gives and gives. This time he's given us the Instant Leftist Boilerplate.

Blah blah right-wing Rumsfeld warmonger chickenhawk evil Bushies Wolwowitz and his neocon cabal for oiloiloiloiloiloil blah blah ignorant stupid bloodthirsty morons, the real axis of evil on a ranch in Crawford and blah blah blah no WMD he lied, Bushitler lied, people died died died tie-dyed peace peace peace down with the Zionists! peace peace Kyoto! they hate us they hate us they hate us and what can we do and root causes and root causes and blowback and Plame and Plame and Chalabi Plame Wilson blah blah blah unilateral multinational Halliburton Enronism crony capitalism and it's all about oiloiloiloil blah blah blah, cowboyish disregard for allies, for the wishes of the world community who rise up against us, the terrorist threat is overblown and anyway, it's all our fault because we gave Saddam his weapons to begin with, photo of Rummy and Hussein, but make no mistake, he no longer has those weapons because inspections worked, containment worked, and blah blah blah Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan handle it, Roy, handle it handle it, Caspian pipeline oiloiloiloil blah blah blah show me the stockpiles, anthrax CIA plant Richard Clarke said so and we believe him because and unless unless unless Abu Ghraib Abu Ghraib Abu Ghraib, square-jawed cocksucking military jarhead torturing fucks, bring home our troops! We care about the troops! We support the troops and don't you question our patriotism our love for this fucking filthy crass consumerist bullying country of redneck dolts and biblethumping bourgeois suburbanites with their SUVs and where are the CAFE standards fight the real terror, eco-terror, Israel, the US, imperialist colonialist racist homophobic hegemonic and blah blah blah blah blah because dissent is patriotism and fighting against your country is really fighting for your country and our dissent keeps the nation strong and we're brave and heroic and up is down and black is white and oiloiloiloiloiloiloiloil blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.™
Learn it, know it, live it.

As Jim Treacher notes, "You had me at chickehawk"

Bill Bessette put the words to pictures.

Update: If you're unfamilar with the post title it's from Farenheit 9/11. See this Washington Post story for details on the quote. I'm thinking that now would be a good time to get ahead of the curve on that quote, as the movie hasn't been released yet. Michael Moore Hates America seems like the natural site.

Now watch this drive.


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Comments (6)

"Learn it, know it, live it... (Below threshold)

"Learn it, know it, live it."

Dude, you're the full hot orater ...

So. You want to work at All... (Below threshold)

So. You want to work at All American Burger. Look, I can prolly get you in there, just let me talk to Dennis Taylor.

...There's an idea. Just start answering back with extended excerpts from Fast Times..

Michael Moore should be sen... (Below threshold)

Michael Moore should be sent over to Iraq if he truely thinks that we shouldn't be there. I'm sure they would love to hear his liberal views against our administration and then they would shut him up.

Just because he stands behind "free speech" doesn't make what he has to say right. Two hundred years ago he would have been put on trial for treason. Come to think of it, he still should be charged with treason. It is a waste of time and film documenting such blather. Obviously he can't get a real job.

At least now I know where t... (Below threshold)

At least now I know where the comments on my blog come from.

Donno if you have seen this... (Below threshold)

Donno if you have seen this yet or not. Kinda funny.

Now Watch This Drive

yo lol... (Below threshold)

yo lol






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