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Office Space

How to get even with your Boss for 2 years worth of practical jokes?

Get 1500sq ft of Aluminum Foil, 5 rolls of double sided tape, wait until he goes on vacation, and then have at it!!!

See it here.


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Comments (6)

That is some cool shit. My ... (Below threshold)

That is some cool shit. My Leftie friends say that hanging with you guys has been affecting me lately Kevin, maybe I need to ahem.... Shield my office that way. LOL!

om goodness that is freakin... (Below threshold)

om goodness that is freakin brilliant. I do hope you will blog about what the result of this is...

Camille--there's a link fro... (Below threshold)

Camille--there's a link from the picture site for "The Boss Returns". Looks like he took it in stride.

I can't believe how thorough they were. Individual pens covered in foil for god's sake...

Ha! That's awesome! That ki... (Below threshold)

Ha! That's awesome! That kind of thing would NEVER happen at my office.

Ironically, if someone would have the guns to do it, he/she'd be an instant legend.

Man, that just looks... AWESOME.

Hello!Yes, the bos... (Below threshold)


Yes, the boss was quite amuzed! The only reason why we went through with it was because we knew he would get a kick out of it. His initial reaction was something like this;

My... Office...

It was hard work to do it all up like that, but worth every second ;)

You 'da MAN!!!!!!!!<p... (Below threshold)

You 'da MAN!!!!!!!!

My office is full of practical jokers, myself included and we are always conspiring on our next victim. We have all gotten a kick out of the pictures. Great job.

This is so cool!






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