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Al-Qaeda Steps Up The Violence In Iraq

According to Wretchard at Belmont Club the week leading up to the formal transfer of power to the Iraqi interim government will be punctuated by heavy yet pointless violence, but what Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is really fighting for is leadership of the Sunni triangle. It's also clear that the "Iraqi resistance" is sure looks a lot like a multinational Al-Qaeda all-star team...

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They're getting the last fe... (Below threshold)

They're getting the last few gasps of a dying ideology. The sad part is that people will die so that these animals (no offense meant to innocent animals) can make a point. The fact is that they're not going to prevent anything. I think (Lefties and our Media notwithstanding) that America has shown that we will not back down. Remember all the naysayers of today 30 years from now. Be nice, but don't hesitate to throw their incorrect predictions back in their faces (because I'm sure they'll be just as wrong then as they are now).

God Bless the Troops and Thank You for all you do.






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