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John Kerry Doesn't Watch the News

As you read this, remember that all these stories are datelined today.

Democrats, including Terry McAuliffe, Tom Harkin and Senate minority leader Tom Daschle, are lining up to see the anti-Bush Michael Moore movie which is long on hatred for Bush, but short on truth.

Democrat John Kerry criticizes Ronald Reagan for saving us from Jimmy Carter's economic policies.

Democrats want to burn someone in the administration for Abu Ghraib.

Democrat John Kerry tells a group of scientists that George Bush has cut spending on science but this story explains that Bush has increased science spending dramatically.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi says bush has not done enough to stop the killings in Sudan. [Funny she did not give a shit about the killing in Iraq. -ed]

Democrats working in the entertainment industry raise money for Kerry because, "The sentiment against (President) George W. Bush is so strong."

Democrats don't want to pass an intelligence appropriations bill. They say Republicans are not funding counter terrorism enough, even though the bill funds counter-terrorism at the highest level in history.

Democrat Bill Clinton say that asking him hard questions is "helping the far Right"

Democrat John Kerry says Bush "puts ideology over science" because Bush does not want to allow scientists to kill babies.

Democrat John Kerry criticized Bush for being appealing to conservative voters. [Damn Him! -ed]

Democrats are hiring convicted felons including people convicted of crimes such as burglary, forgery, drug dealing, assault and sex offenses to register more Democratic voters... When they get caught, they blame it on George Bush.

Democrat Al Gore recently told an audience that "the [Bush] administration did not hesitate to heighten and distort public fear of terrorism after September 11th, to create a political case for attacking Iraq."

Democrat John Kerry claims the American middle class has been faring miserably under President Bush's stewardship of the economy. A lie so egregious that even the USA Today calls him on it on the editorial pages.

After reading all these Dems attacking Bush and the Republicans, you can imagine my surprise when I read:

Kerry blames Bush for partisanship in Washington

SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- Democrat John Kerry criticized Republicans on Wednesday [...] blaming a partisan culture created by President Bush and calling his rival "the greatest divider as a president in the modern history of this country."

After all-- Those partisan Democrats are SO hard to find.

Meanwhile George Bush is preparing for a Thursday morning meeting with House Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Sen. Tom Daschle, and Senate Majority Leader Sen. Bill Frist and Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

Clearly, John Kerry does not read the same news as the rest of us.


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Comments (7)

Not for nuthin, but why is ... (Below threshold)

Not for nuthin, but why is it that Wizbang and Dean's World are always marked "fresh" on my roll before I turn the coffee on? I mean, 2AM or 4AM, one of youse is always awake!

Kerry is a numbnut and we're having a huge argument about him in my Ancient Order of Hibernians cell vis-a-vis his ethnicity ... kneecapping for faking his Gaelic roots has been broached.

"Look, he freaking lied," I said. "What rich mick in his right mind doesn't send his kid to Trinity in Dublin over some French la-di-da? The man is bloody busted!"

RESPONSE: "You're biased. Scalia yourself."

"Okay" I says, "Now I'm a dago! Answer the question! You canna be a Mick and a Hebe! They fucking offset at the least!"

In other news, both John Ad... (Below threshold)

In other news, both John Adams and Alexander Hamilton were called Royalists and tools of the British crown--so I'd argue that partisanship and fairly...ummm...animated political discourse is neither new to our history, nor terribly objectionable.

Hypocrisy though is another matter.

And both sides could be acc... (Below threshold)

And both sides could be accussed of hypocricy. Arguments like these do little to convince anyone who isnt already in the boat. Both sides are doing it P, and we should just be honest and acknowledge that. I am not even going to throw gas on the fire by listing shit here, becuase we are all BIG BOYS and we know it, and I have too much respect for you and my other Conservative friends to get into that pissing contest. When it all comes down to it, this election is not going to be about all this rhetoric coming from both sides, it will come down to which candidate you trust the most to run the country. Some, like you and I have already decided. Others will be swayed one way or the other by the rhetoric, and the intelligent ones will look at their own situation and decide what is best for them, not who's attack had the most reasonance.

Actually, David, the number... (Below threshold)

Actually, David, the number of undecided voters is vanishingly small. No doubt, some who have decided will change their minds before November, but there just aren't many folks who haven't already made their choice.

Excellent points Christophe... (Below threshold)

Excellent points Christopher.

actually gents, it was a bl... (Below threshold)

actually gents, it was a bloody joke riffed off before mine eyes had seen the glory of the steaming hot caffeine, and you're acting like some blaggards, by getting overweened ...the double 'C' guy seems to have himself had caught the glean, but what's up with 'hypocrisy'?...

(roll the drums...do the Hamster Dance! ...)
(I could go on...)

Hell, I'm tempted to ask yo... (Below threshold)

Hell, I'm tempted to ask you to go on just to see if you can do it...that was cool...hehe






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