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Seoul Blocks Beheading Video

South Korea struggles with the fallout from of the murder of Kim Sun Il.

SEOUL (AFP) - Anti-war passions flared as South Korean activists vowed to block the dispatch of more troops to Iraq and the government banned a video of the beheading of a Korean national in the war-torn country.

South Korean anger was triggered by the brutal killing of 33-year-old hostage Kim Sun-Il by his Islamic captors after President Roh Moo-Hyun refused their demand to cancel the deployment of more than 3,000 extra South Korean troops to Iraq starting in August.

Pro- and anti-war demonstrators took to the streets of Seoul and anti-war groups said they would stage mass rallies on Saturday in cities across the country.

...The anger of the anti-war activists focused on the government for standing firm on the troop dispatch instead of bowing to the militants' demand, with some directing their rage at the foreign ministry, accusing it of bungling the attempt to free Kim.

Seeking to cool passions, the South Korean government said it would punish Internet service providers who showed graphic video footage of the beheading.

"We have asked local Internet service providers to block the possible spread of footage showing Kim's beheading," a Ministry of Information and Communication official told AFP.

If there is anything we've learned; it is that Al Qaeda is only interested in killing. Attempts to free Kim were an exercise in futility.

Previous coverage (updated with links to the video).

Update: Joe Gandelman calls it a "noble exercise in futility."

Update 2: Korean Internet User Launch Hacking Attacks on Ogrish.com. Perhaps they should head on over to JihadWatch and get the addresses for the web sites of the more militant Islamic groups...


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Comments (7)

This is a letter from'Peace... (Below threshold)

This is a letter from'Peaceful Tomorrows' for Koreans.

As the brother of a September 11th victim, I understand the enormous shock and sadness resulting from the brutal murder of Kim Sun Il. Today, the newspapers in America showed the faces of his parents as they grieve the loss of their son. I see in their sadness the faces of my own parents as they learned of their son's death on 9/11. I'm reminded that all victims share a common humanity, regardless of their nationality or geography, and that all life is precious.

I'm also reminded that his murder is the sad outcome of the illegal, immoral and unjustified invasion of Iraq. On September 23, 2002, Peaceful Tomorrows sent a letter to President George W. Bush which read: "We are disappointed that you have used the anniversary of our loved ones' deaths not as a time to mourn and reflect but as a time to call for war on a country unrelated to the events of September 11th. We are concerned that a war in Iraq will divert the necessary resources from the task of apprehending and bringing to justice those responsible for the September 11th attacks. We fear this war could destabilize the Middle East region and cost the lives of countless, innocent civilians in other nations. We are deeply troubled that
more killing will only fuel the fires of terrorism and enable terrorist organizations to recruit more easily those who would harm us."

Since the invasion of Iraq, we have watched with sadness as our warnings have come true. We have learned that violence leads to more violence, lawlessness leads to more lawlessness, and hatred leads to more hatred. We have also learned that in a democracy, it is the responsibility of the people to demand that their voices, and their wishes, be respected by their representatives in government. I join with all of those in South Korea who seek a peaceful resolution to the Iraq war, one which truly honors international law and brings real self-determination to the Iraqi people.

Let lawfulness lead to more lawfulness, brotherhood lead to more brotherhood, and love lead to more love. Only in this way can we honor the good wishes of people like Kim Sun Il, who we will remember forever in our hearts.

David Potorti
Co-Director, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

I join with all of those... (Below threshold)

I join with all of those in South Korea who seek a peaceful resolution to the Iraq war, one which truly honors international law and brings real self-determination to the Iraqi people.

In other words, what Bush is trying to achieve.

HELLO I am south korean.I&#... (Below threshold)

HELLO I am south korean.I’d like to see the Kin Sun il beheading video.
but the korean goverment has strictly forbidden to watch the video…
Can anyone send to my e-mail
([email protected])

i am south koreani r... (Below threshold)

i am south korean
i really wanna see beheading video of KIM SUN IL!!!!
PLZ send me video file!!!!

[email protected]

thank you!!!!

WHY DO YOU WANNA SEE IT. </... (Below threshold)


HELLO I am south korean.Id... (Below threshold)

HELLO I am south korean.Id like to see the Kin Sun il beheading video.
but the korean goverment has strictly forbidden to watch the video
Can anyone send to my e-mail
([email protected])

can soemone send me a video... (Below threshold)

can soemone send me a video of kim sun il beheading video please
please e-mail me at
[email protected]
i been looknig for it for like 2 hours and still couldnt find it thx






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