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Internet Attack

You could be affected, and not even know it.

(CBS/AP) - Government and industry experts warned late Thursday of a mysterious, large-scale Internet attack against thousands of popular Web sites. The virus-like infection tries to implant hacker software onto the computers of Web site visitors.

Unlike some viruses and worms which have wreaked havoc by luring users into opening infected e-mail messages, this troublemaker can be activated merely by visiting a web site which - unknown to its users - has become infected.

Industry experts and the Homeland Security Department are studying the infection to determine how it spreads across Web sites and find adequate defenses against it.

Regular security experts beat them to it. Full details here.

How to protect yourself?

Immediately update your virus definitions. If you are running an IIS Web Server visit the Microsoft Security page.


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Lemme be so bold as to offe... (Below threshold)

Lemme be so bold as to offer a correction:

If you are running an IIS Web Server, throw the damn thing away and get a Real freaking Server






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