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Isn't It Odd...

That Illinois Republican Senatorial nominee Jack Ryan is being driven out of the race by years old allegations (never substantiated) that he wanted to have sex with his wife. The lurid part of the allegation was that it was in "sex clubs" at vacation locales.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Illinois Republican candidate Jack Ryan intends to abandon his Senate bid after four days spent trying to weather a political storm stirred by sex club allegations, GOP officials said Friday.

A formal announcement was expected within hours, said these officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Ryan conducted an overnight poll to gage his support in the wake of the allegations made by his ex-wife in divorce records unsealed earlier this week. Aides said in advance his only options were to withdraw or to redouble his campaign efforts with a massive infusion of money from his personal wealth.

This strikes me as odd for two reasons.

1) Many of the Republicans abandoning his ship are associated in some way with demonstrably corrupt former Governor George Ryan (no relation). Nice teamwork losers.

2) In a week when serial adulterer Bill Clinton is back in the news I am reminded of how easily the press rolled over for him during the presidential primaries in 1992 when the Gennifer Flowers affair came to light. He was allowed to unquestioningly lie his way through a 60 Minutes interview with Steve Croft, and eventually won the presidency. So great was his penchant for straying from his vows that a the PAC MoveOn.org was formed to get the public to "move on" from the Monica Lewinsky affair. I exepected to see them (and other liberal bloggers) lend some moral support to Ryan. Hasn't happened.

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Don't feel too sorry for Ry... (Below threshold)

Don't feel too sorry for Ryan. The politicians who are abandoning Ryan are doing so for a very good reason: Ryan lied to them.

This divorce record controversy was brewing for a very long time. Early on, back when the records were still sealed, Ryan spoke to several state GOP leaders, as well as some columnists, and assured him that there was nothing even potentially embarassing in the files. He intimated that the only reason that they were sealed were because they contained certain stuff about his son.

If the allegations of intramarital sex were all there was, this would be a nonissue. But GOP polls, and many Republicans generally, fell like Ryan betrayed them. They've got good reason to feel that way.

I don't feel sorry for Ryan... (Below threshold)

I don't feel sorry for Ryan, he knew what was in those records and he should have known that there was no way to keep them secret. After all IL is a Democrat state - if there is anywhere to find a liberal judge, it would be here. And any liberal judge worth his salt would find a way to release the records.

OTOH, I am just getting the biggest kick out of the press. They did everything they could to excuse Clinton for his extramarital affair - even after Clinton got up and LIED to the entire country. Not to mention stating about a million times - Clinton's private life has no bearing on his public life.

Now they're just having a field day with Ryan when he actually broke no laws (at least as far as I know). Maybe it's because the sex was with his wife and not some teeny bopper.

California judge, actually,... (Below threshold)

California judge, actually, but same dif.

What the hell does Bill Cli... (Below threshold)

What the hell does Bill Clinton have to do with Jack Ryan, Im tired of people talking about what Clinton did with his D**K, we need to be more concerned with Bush Cheney stealing tax payers money and lying to the American public than who Bill Clinton slept with 9 years ago!!!!!!!!






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