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Flavored Condoms?

Shopping at the local Eckard this afternoon I happened to notice two particular boxes in the condom display. I had been going back and forth in the cold and allergy medicine section and the condom/birth control section is in the same aisle. I noticed a box with pictures of a variety of fruits on it, and later noticed that it was a box of condoms. Fruit flavored condoms? WTF?

Apparently you date yourself a bit by not knowing that such a product exists and that your local drug store is selling it. I'd heard the oral sex was all the rage for teens (who says Bill Clinton didn't leave a legacy?), so I guess it's no surprise that the marketing folks at the condom companies saw a new opportunity for "fun" versions.

According to Teenwire the condoms protect against pregnancy and disease when used the "traditional" way.

I'm all for safe sex, but the prospect of getting a Monica in a raincoat just doesn't seem that, umm... appetizing.

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They have been out here in ... (Below threshold)

They have been out here in Costa Rica for years. And have some shall we say advantages, in getting a sqeamish partner to enjoy that particular activity.

Dude, um- not to rub it in ... (Below threshold)

Dude, um- not to rub it in but where have you been for the last decade?

It's been out there for that long at least.

David, Costa Rica Eh? Cool.... (Below threshold)

David, Costa Rica Eh? Cool. I remember seeing those signs in 2000 when I was down there for a few weeks in San Jose.

They were in English too!

This puts me in mind of a v... (Below threshold)

This puts me in mind of a vulgar recasting of the signature line from a song popular many years ago. The real line was "Do you like pia coladas?"

I'll leave it to the reader to make the relevant substitution.

Life imitates toilet humor. Swell.

Paul - Married with no need... (Below threshold)

Paul - Married with no need for condoms...

Amen to that comment!... (Below threshold)

Amen to that comment!

Amen to the Amen :-)... (Below threshold)

Amen to the Amen :-)

just fuck me baby cum get i... (Below threshold)

just fuck me baby cum get inside my juciy pussy and fuck me

stick your penise inside of... (Below threshold)

stick your penise inside of my vagina and then eat my wet clit






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