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Irish TV Crews Catch Bush Changing Clothes

If someone managed to get the video of Bush 41 blowing chunks at a dinner in Japan, I'd bet we'll see these very soon...

NEWMARKET-ON-FERGUS, Ireland June 26, 2004 - In his visit to Ireland, President Bush stayed in a 16th century Renaissance castle on a 375-acre secluded estate. But it wasn't secluded enough.

Bush was spotted by television cameras as he was standing in a T-shirt at his window at Dromoland Castle. He was visible from the waist up, apparently as he was changing clothes.

An embarrassed Irish government quickly tried to prevent the release of the images.

A notice to the news media said, "The host broadcaster inadvertently transmitted pictures of President Bush at the window of Dromoland Castle. These pictures are the property of the Irish presidency and must not be used for transmission by any service."

Look for it on the DVD edition of Fahrenheit 9/11.

Comments (7)

Don't overlook the burning ... (Below threshold)

Don't overlook the burning question: "Boxers or briefs?"

I'm thinking that our Presi... (Below threshold)

I'm thinking that our President probably looks pretty good in a t-shirt given his workout habits. I say let's seem 'em!

Major embarrassmentN... (Below threshold)

Major embarrassment
Not for POTUS but for Irish security.
That telescopic lens could have easily
been a telescopic rifle sight.

I'm with TXVet ... how the ... (Below threshold)

I'm with TXVet ... how the hell did they know which window was the winner?

Beyond that, I wish he spotted them and shot them a moon.

I have a sneaking suspicion... (Below threshold)

I have a sneaking suspicion there were cameras aimed at every available window, and the one behind the camera aimed at THAT window just happened to be the lucky one.

TXVet is right about cameras and rifle scopes, although beyond a certain range trying to shoot someone through a window pane becomes pretty dicey.

...or so I've heard.

An RPG don't play no dice.<... (Below threshold)

An RPG don't play no dice.

There better be Secret Service officers and members of Ireland's Gardia scambling to find their suddenly kicked to bejeezus asses and try to pull them out of that sling.

Anybody know how the range ... (Below threshold)

Anybody know how the range on an RPG compares to a high-powered rifle of the sort favored by professional snipers?






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