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Bonfire Of The Vanities Reminder

Tuesday is the one year anniversary of the Bonfire of the Vanities. To celebrate one year of the worst of the blogosphere there will be a competition between the worst of the worst. Up to 20 entries will be put to a vote in a poll that will be this weeks edition of the Bonfire (hosted here at Wizbang). Readers will be crowning the Ultimate Bonfire post - that most worthy of derision and scorn. All entries must have been previously submitted to one of the 51 previous editions of the Bonfire. You can research your old entries in the Bonfire Archive. Nominations are due by Monday at midnight EDT (via e-mail: bonfire at wizbangblog.com or as a comment to this post).

If you are new to the concept of the Bonfire of the Vanities read a few of the previous editions or check out the initial call for entries. To sign up for the reminder e-mail list click here.

Upcoming Bonfire Stops

Week 53 (July 6) - Chapomatic
Week 54 (July 13) - INCITE

If you're interested in hosting the Bonfire contact me via e-mail.


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Comments (3)

I don't suppose 'Taken in H... (Below threshold)

I don't suppose 'Taken in Hand' ever submitted one to the Bonfire?

We had a whole category worked up for them when we hosted the Carnival but they didn't submit anything. I suspect the idea of 'bellicose women' didn't quite fit their philosophy...

Kev, there's a problem with... (Below threshold)

Kev, there's a problem with the Bonfire Archives: I tried checking two past bonfires and both links led to abandoned blogs' front pages (Kin's Kouch and Temporal Globe), not the Bonfire post. That makes it kind of hard to find an old baddie....

My bad...I was clicking fro... (Below threshold)

My bad...I was clicking from the reminder links, not the go read it links.

And if that makes no sense it's because I just got home from my 12 hour day and my brain is mushy.

I'll go away now.... ;)






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