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Number One At The Box(ing) Office

I had heard that Michael Moore had hired a "war room" to combat negative information about his film, but I didn't realize they would be stationed at theaters. From KLAS Las Vegas:

(Jun. 25) -- The highly anticipated film, Fahrenheit 9/11, came with more than just controversy at one Las Vegas movie theatre. Moviegoer, Richard Streeter, was one of the many who made his way to a theatre to see what the hype was about. After viewing the film, he was greeted outside the theatre by members of the Las Vegas MoveOn.org.

The group was handing out leaflets on the importance of the film. Streeter voiced his view on the movie, "I made the comment, apples and oranges -- Kerry, Bush -- one's no better than the other. You really ain't got much of a choice. This guy comes up to me and says, 'Oh yeah?' " Streeter was then spat on by the same man.

He attempted to call police to report the incident when he was told not to, "A guy standing next to him said why don't you drop it. I said, 'No, I'm calling the police. I'm exercising my right as a citizen, I've been assaulted.' "

But the horror kept on growing for Streeter as he walked to his car on the phone with police, "This guy turns, and totally by surprise takes his hand and bam! It was a big guy. Shoved me onto the ground, I hit my head." A police report has been filed.

Maybe the DNC will beat the shit out of you in October if you don't take a free copy of the DVD they will be handing out ...

Update: Or you can get it free now. The "war room" must be asleep... That hack is now gone...

Update 2: You can get it free in a way Michael Moore endorses. Read all about it...


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Comments (16)

Comeon now Bro... I admit t... (Below threshold)

Comeon now Bro... I admit that kind of behaviour is disgusting and unamerican, but what about the folks who are outside some of the theaters trying to intimidate people into NOT seeing the film.

Links, I need links :-). E... (Below threshold)

Links, I need links :-). Especially if they assault patrons.

I know it's an isolated incident, but it's still kind of funny.

Okay Bro, I will get you so... (Below threshold)

Okay Bro, I will get you some links. Fair enough.

Not for nothin' ... BRO ...... (Below threshold)

Not for nothin' ... BRO ... but I went to see the flick in the East Village and got the same kind of response. Walked out (disgusted) and this little numbnut walks up to me and asks me if I'm registered to vote.
"Yeah. i want your fat fucker boss's ass in a box."
Wife drags me by the arm away from scene. Some jackoff follows us down the block, screaming everything but the DU IP address.

FYI, The War Room woke up a... (Below threshold)

FYI, The War Room woke up and your link to the DVD has been taken down!

Strangely, I've never recei... (Below threshold)

Strangely, I've never received such treatment...granted, being 6'3" and 230 might help....

Best way to combat moonbats: curls!

I've found that the smell o... (Below threshold)

I've found that the smell of soap sends them running away at French speed.

So where are these links? <... (Below threshold)

So where are these links?

Anyone else heard of any assaults happening outside theaters by people opposed to the movie?


Nothing reported yet, but c... (Below threshold)

Nothing reported yet, but considering how pissed off people are, it will.

We're still waiting, David.... (Below threshold)

We're still waiting, David.

It's my hope that people se... (Below threshold)

It's my hope that people see F911 with an open mind and it creates a discussion afterwards, becaue there's no excuse for physical assault. Those who commit such crimes should be arrested and tried for such. But I hardly think this case is indicative of your average Moore supporter.

Does it matter if it's "ind... (Below threshold)

Does it matter if it's "indicative of your average Moore supporter"? It's still wrong.

Yep, it is still wrong, but... (Below threshold)

Yep, it is still wrong, but it is also wrong to imply that because some over zealous idiot, somthing common to both sides of the political spectrum, overreacts and commits a CRIME, that it is indicative of all Liberals or people who support Moore's film.
I dont support the film, have not even seen it, but I support the idea of it. The glorious American idea that we are all free to voice our opinion, something that many are ALL too eager to silence. You know what? I like it here. I like Paul (Despite a rocky start), Kevin, Boyd and McGehee. I rarely agree with them on ANYTHING, but I respect them, and I like them becuase they believe in something and are ardent about it. Ardent does not mean one has to be nasty or call other people stupid becuase they dont agree with you. The only people I see as Stupid are those who are so narrow minded that the only defense they can muster of their position is to insult and deride others.
I am not so arrogant as to believe I am right about everything. My view is based on my own experiences and perceptions of things. What becomes very tiresome and not so convincing is the shrill voice of arrogance that says everyone else is an asshat, and you are the only one who knows the truth. It is just that sort of arrogance that put us into Iraq without a plan for post major hostilities. It is just that kind of arrogance that led to 9/11, because Presidents going back many years felt that America was immune to that kind of attack. It is just that sort of arrogance that has created World Public Opinion that says, "America Sucks." Now for someone who does not travel internationaly, that may not matter, but for me, I miss the days where my passport got a smile instead of a smirk.

Jon, did I say that it wasn... (Below threshold)

Jon, did I say that it wasn't wrong? Did I defend these actions? No. I said, "...becaue there's no excuse for physical assault. Those who commit such crimes should be arrested and tried for such." Not to be insulting, but my comment was four lines and that was half of it. Please read what I have to say before putting word in my mouth.

I'll be going to see the mo... (Below threshold)

I'll be going to see the movie tonight - it will only play through Thursday here, although I don't know about elsewhere - and will give details.

I don't particularly like movies, especially if they try too hard to appeal to my emotions, and despite being a liberal, will probably find many faults with the movie.

What disconcerts me is the assumption that Americans can't chew gum and walk at the same time. I think while I watch movies - and I certainly don't accept everything handed to me as truth. Don't you?

Perhaps documentary is the ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps documentary is the wrong term for F911, since all sides seem to agree that it's not 100% factual (the difference being which direction you think the truth percentage is headed). Maybe "infotainment" is a better term.

I really hadn't planned on seeing it until it came on cable, but in the interest of discussion I may have to go see it. All of my disagreements with the content are based on the trailer (which I did see).

I do agree the "fearing" the movie is silly...






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