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9/11 Commission: U.S. Terror War Has Stymied al Qaida

Via NewsMax.com.

The Sept. 11 Commission has found that the Bush administration's war on terror has severely impaired al Qaida's ability to organize another spectacular attack against the U.S. homeland by capturing or killing the deadly terror group's key leaders, drying up their financial resources and severely limiting their ability to "strategize, plan attacks, and dispatch operatives worldwide."
Go read the excerpts from the bipartisan commission reports.


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Comments (5)

Interesting since the State... (Below threshold)

Interesting since the State Department's Report indicated that instances of terrorism worldwide have actually went up.

There's a difference betwee... (Below threshold)

There's a difference between a car bomb or suicide bomber and an event like what occurred on 9/11. That Al Qaeda is reduced to the smaller attacks speaks volumes, I think - not that they're any less terrorizing.

I would not call what happe... (Below threshold)

I would not call what happened in Madrid a car bomb, nor would I describe the coordinated attacks in Iraq or the terrorizing of rural Afghanistan, "smaller," attacks Jen, sorry.

nor would I describe the... (Below threshold)

nor would I describe the coordinated attacks in Iraq or the terrorizing of rural Afghanistan, "smaller," attacks

Notwithstanding, they are smaller -- there is no measure by which they can come close to comparing to 9/11.

As for Madrid, will you accept "train bomb" instead?

Point well taken Bro, I con... (Below threshold)

Point well taken Bro, I conceed your point. Train BOMBS, which is more accurate, I can accept. But I do reject the idea that AQ has somehow been crippled. Madrid demonstrated an ability to execute terror on a mass scale. And McGehee, you are the man!






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