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A Promise Kept

You can say what you want about Laurence Simon (and if itís obscene, insulting, or indignant, it probably has been said), you have to say this: he is a man of his word.

Back when President Reagan died, Lair posted this notice to his death pool. However, he made a math error in awarding the points. I caught him on it, and he offered me a free Amish Tech Support mug. After a few exchanges (mainly involving me asking about the mug and Lair reminding me he had no idea where to send the bloody thing), it arrived today.

I just havenít decided what Iím going to do with itÖ


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Comments (10)

Use it to fight crime.... (Below threshold)

Use it to fight crime.

Hmm, you have cats? You cou... (Below threshold)

Hmm, you have cats? You could always use it to scoop, ya know!

Did anyone ever tell you th... (Below threshold)

Did anyone ever tell you that you are a dead ringer for Ryan Stiles? Seriously!

Except he's two-dimensional... (Below threshold)

Except he's two-dimensional compared to Stiles.

He's two-dimensional compar... (Below threshold)

He's two-dimensional compared to Stiles.

After the first two picture... (Below threshold)

After the first two pictures, I thought we were going to start seeing pictures of it at the Empire State Building and the Great Wall of China and the pyramids. Like a caffeinated yard gnome.

For the record: The only ph... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

For the record: The only photoshopping involved in the above photos was in cropping and resizing. I actually possess the cutout shown.


I never doubted that for a ... (Below threshold)

I never doubted that for a minute, Jay.

And that's why we worry abo... (Below threshold)

And that's why we worry about you.

...both of you, actually.

Kenny, they're talking a... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Kenny, they're talking about us again... no, I don't think McGeHee's THAT bad...

Quiet, I think they're listening!







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