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Naked Celebrity News

Page Six reports that perky Trading Spaces star Paige Davis got down and dirty doing some amateur stripping at the Broadway Bares event at Roseland Ballroom last weekend. I'll say...


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Comments (8)

She's like Enterprise - She... (Below threshold)

She's like Enterprise - She'll pick you up.

The MAD TV parody of her by... (Below threshold)

The MAD TV parody of her by Mo Collins is priceless.

I am resisting the urge to ... (Below threshold)

I am resisting the urge to use the phrase 'Trading Places' ina sentence regarding the men partially shown on camera.

Very kind of her to do her ... (Below threshold)

Very kind of her to do her part for charity!

Somehow, this doesn't surpr... (Below threshold)

Somehow, this doesn't surprise me in the least. She was my wife's suitemate in college, and let's just say she's always been a bit ... outgoing.

Where can we get the uncens... (Below threshold)

Where can we get the uncensored pics? I wanna see the rest of them without the yellow star with the big red "oops" written in it.

some different versions of ... (Below threshold)

some different versions of the photos can be found here:


pagie i rember u off of tra... (Below threshold)

pagie i rember u off of trading spaces but why would u go into a striping bar like that






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