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Three Turkish Hostages Released

Threatening to behead Muslim civilians was probably not the best PR move for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, especially if they had murdered them.

DUBAI (CIHAN) - Three Turkish hostages, who were abducted last week in Iraq, were released on Tuesday, Qatar based Al Jazeere satellite channel reported on Tuesday.

Turkish workers who were working at a Turkish air-conditioner company, were abducted by the militants of the Jama 'at al-Tawhid and Jihad which is linked with Abu Musab Al Zarkavi.

The captors had threatened to behead the Turkish hostages unless Turkish construction firms operating in Iraq leave the country within 72 hours. The deadline for the hostages had expired today.

Al Jazeera television showed videos of masked militants who read a statement, saying " We decided to release the Turkish hostages for the sake of the Muslim people and to protests George Bush."

This does provide hope to the family of kidnapped Marine Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun who is Muslim as well.


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This is wonderful news! And... (Below threshold)

This is wonderful news! And I think you are right on Kevin, Murdering fellow Muslims would have exposed them for what they are, to even the most hard core supporters... Murderers.






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