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Be A Talking Head

Cam Edwards (host of Cam and Company on NRA News radio network) is looking for bloggers who'd like to be part of a roundtable discussion on the big stories of the week.

The segment will be this Friday afternoon, presumably airing live.

Comments (4)

You are correct, sir! ... (Below threshold)

You are correct, sir!

Now, did you send in your email yet?

Mr. Potatoe Head: Before ea... (Below threshold)
Rochelle Siegel Smith:

Mr. Potatoe Head: Before eating the creamy, white mounds of his mashed head displays an eerie cap medal of when he was just a skeltal of a man.

I guess I've had too much t... (Below threshold)

I guess I've had too much to drink this evening to have any chance of understanding what Rochelle said.

Boyd, the only drinking tha... (Below threshold)

Boyd, the only drinking that makes a difference in understanding Rochelle is hers.






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