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Blue Chip Celebrity Stock Forecasts

Stock Rising

Christina lights up the runway in Milan.

Click Images For Lager Version

Stock Falling

Britney runs over a photographer.

Super Size It


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Comments (13)

That's Britney Spears? It l... (Below threshold)

That's Britney Spears? It looks like a 45-year-old woman!

That might be Britney's mum... (Below threshold)

That might be Britney's mum.

Holy boobs batman!... (Below threshold)

Holy boobs batman!

It's actually not a picture... (Below threshold)

It's actually not a picture from that incident. Someone sent it to me, but I'm sure you can find it on the various Britney sites.

She sure doesn't look thril... (Below threshold)

She sure doesn't look thrilled in that picture. I guess being photographed looking like a middle-aged woman must be kinda traumatic.

Kevin, now you KNOW why I l... (Below threshold)

Kevin, now you KNOW why I love Latin women. Wowza! By the way have you seen the lattest Costa Rican honey on my Blog?

Did CA get implants? I didn... (Below threshold)
Red Meat Daddy:

Did CA get implants? I didnt know Britney did Carol Channing impressions.

Maybe they snapped that pho... (Below threshold)

Maybe they snapped that photo of the home-wrecker Brittney after she notified her abnormally virile lover that she was pregnant, and he informed her that he was going to return to his wife, because it was only cool to be dating an attractive Brittney Spears. Without her looks, she has nothing. It's her own damn fault. Some friends of mine saw her in the China Club blowing coke off the back of a toilet seat. That's no way to be a pop idol. Does anyone know the veracity of the rumor that she is pregnant with that trashy guy's baby?

That's too funny! ... (Below threshold)

That's too funny!

Hey, I hope I don't look l... (Below threshold)

Hey, I hope I don't look like that when I'm 45.

Someone get that girl some nivorette and long vacation.

NiCorette, that is.... (Below threshold)

NiCorette, that is.

Can you see a remake of Pos... (Below threshold)

Can you see a remake of Poseidon Adventure with Brittney doing the Shelly Winters bit?

don't you think it's kind o... (Below threshold)

don't you think it's kind of unfair that CA is all done up and brit is just bein casual drivin a car? maybe if the photos were of an equal quality eg, both dressed for same event? then we could make a copmparision!






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