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Hip-Swaying Dancing Doll Ridicules Saddam


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Comments (6)

Too Cool! I want one... (Below threshold)

Too Cool! I want one...

The ultimate humiliation fo... (Below threshold)

The ultimate humiliation for sure. Absolutely signals his complete and utter loss of his stature. I posted about it too.

He looks dressed like a pir... (Below threshold)

He looks dressed like a pirate.

Can a "Talk like a Dictator" day be far behind?

If I had a rifle... it's ta... (Below threshold)

If I had a rifle... it's target practice time.

Darby, I was thinking the s... (Below threshold)

Darby, I was thinking the same thing, but I'd need to buy three: 1-posterity; 2- What you said, but with a shotgun; 3- Turn it on and put it in front of the dogs.

CC: Didya hear the t... (Below threshold)

CC: Didya hear the translation of his court appearance? He wrote the damn script!

"You invaded Kuwait."
"The Kuwaities are dogs!"






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