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Kerry Fights Release Of Divorce Records

From a longer article in the Boston Globe:

...Kerry told an interviewer he has "no intention" of releasing his divorce records, calling it "ancient history."

"I have no intention of doing that at all. There's no reason whatsoever. It's history, ancient history," Kerry said in an interview with Spanish-language broadcaster Telemundo during a campaign stop in Phoenix. "My ex-wife and I are terrific friends, very proud of our children. We have stayed close as an extended family in a sense through those years."

Kerry said his ex-wife, Julia Thorne, sees no reason to release the records, nor do their two children.

"It's none of anybody's business. Period," he said.

Of course there is no reason for him to release the records, but the case of Jack Ryan illustrates that it won't be up to him.


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Hell, if Ryan's records are... (Below threshold)

Hell, if Ryan's records are any indication, I'd be terrified of what might be in Waffle's files.

Hey! How about we make them up? That'd be a hilarious spoof!

Julia Thorne:During an outing to Martha's Vineyard, John continually pestered me to "throw his ribbons" in front of Teddy. He then grabbed me from behind, bent me over, and made slapping motions while screaming "Whose daddy was in Viet Nam?"

Hold on a sec here...if the... (Below threshold)

Hold on a sec here...if the divorce is ancient history and therefore not germaine to anything why is it so important that he served in Vietnam?

I'm just saying...

Well, I don't know about th... (Below threshold)

Well, I don't know about the divorce, but my understanding is that Thorne fought the annulment like Hell, and I think she used terms like "suffocating" to describe the marriage. Frankly if there are no allegations of abuse (physical or emotional) or infidelity no one's going to care.

I think it sucks that the Ryans' divorce papers were released over the objections of both parties, but I suppose if we're to be consistent it's now open season on everyone.

Julia Thorne: One... (Below threshold)

Julia Thorne: One day he would tell me he loved me, and the next he would tell me he didn't. When I asked him about it once, he just said, "I actually did love you -- before I didn't." Then he looked at me and demanded, "Do you know who I am!?"

McGehee, I feel a post comi... (Below threshold)

McGehee, I feel a post coming on.... details later today at my place.

Mind if I use that one?

"Hold on a sec here...if th... (Below threshold)

"Hold on a sec here...if the divorce is ancient history and therefore not germaine to anything why is it so important that he served in Vietnam?"

I dont think divorce has anything to do with serving, Military record allways has. Washington, Grant, Ike, Kennedy?

<a href="http://sharpmarble... (Below threshold)
Couldn't we get some releas... (Below threshold)

Couldn't we get some released records from the Bush crowd as well?

The information on the closed door energy policy meetings with Dick F#cK You Cheney.

Military records showing where all George Bush served.

Maybe even the name of the person who outted a CIA agent and committed treason?


Lets worry about Kerry's nasty divorce.

Dave, where the hell have y... (Below threshold)

Dave, where the hell have you been Bro, glad to see you post somewhere.;-)

What 'jim' wrote (^^).... (Below threshold)

What 'jim' wrote (^^).






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