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Argh, My Eyes!!!

Please lord make her go away...

Paula Jones Now

Paula Jones Then


Paula Jones At Her Peak (such that is was)


Here's more of the ever changing Paula Jones.

Comments (8)

Well at least she got that ... (Below threshold)

Well at least she got that HONKER fixed.

Ya really have to wonder ab... (Below threshold)

Ya really have to wonder about Bill's taste in women. Aside from Gennifer Flowers, anyway...

I can see her in an America... (Below threshold)

I can see her in an American Express ad in about 10 years. "Do you know who I am? I screwed the President and...no, not the one with the cigar..."

Hey, you know, I wish peopl... (Below threshold)

Hey, you know, I wish people would leave Paula Jones and her "looks" alone, as in, non issue, as in, let her be.

I believe the woman's story, or, at least, that she's been offended on an across-a-line manner by Clinton (thus, her ongoing vehemence, all these years later, obviously, something traumatized her to such a degree that she's still very much negatively affected by it). As for her nose and cosmetics, great. Better that she look the way she looks now, than in the past (improvements are a good thing, over time).

Same thing about Monica Lewinsky, sadly: most in society ridicule the women in situations such as this -- at least, Lewinsky seems to have 'agreed' to a relationship of disproportions of power, while Jones was apparently so obnoxed and offended by the mere suggestion of that, that she's still objecting.

Give her space, hear her story, let the critique about cosmetics GO.

McGehee - Think h... (Below threshold)

McGehee -

Think how long ago BC dropped his drawers for her....
She had freshness and a pert and perky figure on her side all those years ago. Youth has its charms.

Could Paula Jones have made... (Below threshold)

Could Paula Jones have made any more unintelligible responses to a reporter's questions? How can you possibly want to interview some redneck from Arkansas when you know you are going to get idiotic responses like "to each his own." What a dumb interview. How do you feel about a book that mentions your name, Paula? "Well I reckon that it was partly a truthitude." Thanks Paula.

Oh yeah - and she is ugly a... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah - and she is ugly as sin. New topic - can smart people be seduced by power? Please give examples.

Just another example of Bil... (Below threshold)

Just another example of Bill Clinton's "Did it because, I could" mentality!

Itís not that she is so bad looking, itís that annoying voice! Have you ever heard this woman speak?

Way to go Bill! Stick it anywhere!






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