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I'm Saddam Hussein, Bitch!!!!


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Comments (14)

"I did not have sexual rela... (Below threshold)
Red Meat Daddy:

"I did not have sexual relations with that sheep, Ms. Ewewinsky"

Red Meat - it's pointless t... (Below threshold)

Red Meat - it's pointless to go on. That's the money-caption, right there.

"Are you talkin' to me? Are... (Below threshold)

"Are you talkin' to me? Are you talkin' to me?"

"Bush is a criminal"... (Below threshold)

"Bush is a criminal"
"I am the president . . ."
" . . . respecting the will of the people"

Pop quiz:
Who said it?
a) Saddam Hussein
b) Al Gore

If the glowstick fits, you ... (Below threshold)

If the glowstick fits, you must acquit.

Man, Dennis Miller really l... (Below threshold)

Man, Dennis Miller really let himself go. He looks like crap.

"I am the President of I... (Below threshold)

"I am the President of Iraq you fargin bastages!"

Eclipsegurl,I was ... (Below threshold)


I was really hoping someone would come up with a Johnny Dangerously reference.

"Saddam deported to Sweden. Claims he's not from there."

C'mon, don't be afraid! ... (Below threshold)

C'mon, don't be afraid! Pull my finger!

You...looook....MAHHHvelous... (Below threshold)


You! Your face isn't... (Below threshold)

You! Your face isn't familiar to me, I don't remember ever torturing you. See, I wasn't so bad! ...What's that you say?...recent...massive...reconstructive...facial surgery?


Corksuckers....... (Below threshold)


Looking at this picture I'm... (Below threshold)

Looking at this picture I'm flashing back to those Cheers episodes where Dan Hedaya played Carla's ex-husband Nick.

I thought Foster Brookes wa... (Below threshold)

I thought Foster Brookes was Dead!






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