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Newsweek: Moore A Lying Sack Of Shit

OK, so I stretched their point a bit.

Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball in Newsweek debunk most of the central thesis's of Fahrenheit 9/11 with facts. These two are not Moore haters either; from the sounds of it they are big fans.

If you haven't seen the movie yet you can read the transcript here (Part 1, Part II, and Part III coming soon).

If you're going to see the movie you owe it to yourself to examine the issues raised. The Newsweek article is a good starting point.

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Excellent points Kevin.... (Below threshold)

Excellent points Kevin.

Moore has already responded... (Below threshold)

Moore has already responded to this criticism on his site.

There is this as well.

The funny thing about this ... (Below threshold)

The funny thing about this movie is that there are so many conflicting spins on the information, that it is hard to make a determination what is right or wrong. But my take is that it will not matter in the end, some will believe it, others wont. But my mama always said, if something stinks, there is something rotten. Finding what is truly rotten is the biggest challenge I guess.

The problem with Moore's fi... (Below threshold)

The problem with Moore's first "defense" re: the Saudi flights is that Moore never says that commercial flights had resumed by Sept 13.

Seems to me that the Newswe... (Below threshold)

Seems to me that the Newsweek story, while debunking some of the F911 accusations, is somewhat conciliatory---in essence giving the feeling that Moore's intent is noble and honourable, but that he just does a poor job of making the case.

1231231... (Below threshold)
donald express:


Half the time it's not even... (Below threshold)
Tom S.:

Half the time it's not even what he's saying - it's the obvious implications that he wants you to draw. I mean, what's does he really want from people who are willing to listen ? I think he honestly hopes to force people into drawing the conclusion that, Bush may have somehow had knowledge of 9/11 and did nothing to stop it. He wont come out and say *that*, for fear of risking what little credibility he has left. But he does, hope that suggestible people will come to this conclusion on their own. So, he grabs bits and pieces of information, totally out of context - and uses other classic propaganda techniques inorder to pursue his agenda. I really blame the suggestible minds out there who can't see through this nonsense.






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