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Revenge Of The Washingtonienne

From The New York Times Arts section:

In May 26-year-old Jessica Cutler was fired by Senator Mike DeWine, an Ohio Republican, from her $25,000-a-year job sorting mail in his office after she was discovered using the Senate computer to write a blog that supposedly chronicled her sexual exploits with six unidentified Washington men, including one she described as a prominent appointee of the Bush administration. Now Ms. Cutler has taken what, for generations of young women who have become involved with the powerful, has been the next logical step. She has become a writer. Yesterday she sold a novel based on her exploits to HyperionDisney (Walt). Her agent, Michael Carlisle of Carlisle & Company, said the price was "a substantial six figures," and Hyperion would not be more specific. Not only did he sell her novel, he said, but she will also pose nude for the November issue of Playboy. Ms. Cutler's novel will be called "The Washingtonienne," after the name of her blog. Mr. Carlisle said that Ms. Cutler would not speak to the press until the book was published, perhaps a year from now.
Well that last line is good news...

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Via: Wonkette

Update: So they are going to call the book "The Washingtonienne," which is so predicable. I was hoping for something a little more interesting like, "You'll Never Ass-Fuck In This Town Again." Any other ideas?


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Comments (12)

Media Whores Online... (Below threshold)

Media Whores Online

I was sure that she would g... (Below threshold)

I was sure that she would get coverage, uhm rather un-coverage I guess, from Playboy. But to write a book for banging a couple of guys for money or influence while whining about getting butt-f***ed without enough alcohol-intoxication before: how many pages can this book have? 50, 80 or in big letter writing maybe 100 pages? Beats me. I am not a big moralist, because I sinned too much myself, so other than calling her stupid I would not be too judgemental about her behaviour. But who would really care about what she did orlet do to herself, I wonders?

Still: will probably checkout the pics at Playboy..... once a sinner, always a sinner.

I'm sure they'll resort to ... (Below threshold)

I'm sure they'll resort to the Jim Wright/Matt Drudge strategy of page-padding.

They'll beat Clinton's book by a couple of pages.

And hey -- you know, we all expected Clinton's book to have a centerfold, but maybe Cutler's actually will.

Disney loses Pixar, fumbles... (Below threshold)

Disney loses Pixar, fumbles F-911, and is going to lose Miramax. But they pick up crap like this.

I put Wonkette and W-tienne in my router block list at home so that I wouldn't even accidentally go to their sites. I'd rather spend that time scrubbing the toilet bowl, because at least I can come away from that with a sense of cleanliness.

I can't wait to see Jessica... (Below threshold)

I can't wait to see Jessica's photoshopped boobs in Playboy, since nothing turns me on more than a computer-generated picture of breasts!!!!!! ;)

Of course nothing lends cre... (Below threshold)

Of course nothing lends credibility to such a story like a seven-page nude spread in Playboy . . .

Ficticious interview exerpts:

"I don't understand why people don't, like, take my story seriously and, you know, quit saying mean stuff like I'm some sort of, like, tramp, or something."

"Now what does 'unverifiable' mean again?"

"No, I never did it with a Democrat. I mean, they're all so, you know, moral, and all."

"I really feel kinda bad about what's going on in Iraq and all. It's kinda like this one time at band camp . . ."

You'll Never Go Broke Under... (Below threshold)

You'll Never Go Broke Underestimating the Taste of the American Public;

A Smarter Elizabeth Ray;

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Suggestion:"Disney... (Below threshold)


"Disney Digs Me"

Much Ado About Nothing;... (Below threshold)

Much Ado About Nothing;

As You Like It For A Fee;

Love's Labours Big Print Edition;

The Merry Ho of Washington;

The Sex Merchant of Capitol Hill;

A Midsummer Night's Dream Come True for Me But Not Thee;

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RS and Jessica;

Since Trump doesn't own "Yo... (Below threshold)

Since Trump doesn't own "You're Fired":

The Art of the Anal Sex Deal;

The Way to The Top: Spread Them Like Peanut Butter;

How to Get Rich: No Money, No Sex;

How To Survive At The Top While Taking It Up the Ass;

Think Like A Billionare, Act Like A Cheap Tramp;

The Anal Sex America Deserves;

Fear of Flying Part Deux;</... (Below threshold)

Fear of Flying Part Deux;

The Story of W;

Tropic of Washington;

Coffee, Tea, and Me;

I Know Congress Like the Ba... (Below threshold)

I Know Congress Like the Back of My Foot






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