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Wizbang Plugs

I'll be on the Cam and Company this Friday between 4:00 to 4:30 PM. You can watch via the Internet at NRAnews.com. Shows are rebroadcast in AM drive time on Sirus statelite radio, so I imagine that will be the Tuesday July 5th show (assuming there is no show on July 4th). More details on the show are available at Cam Edwards site.

Wizbang is featured in Barbara O'Brien's new book, Blogging America: Political Discourse in a Digital Nation, along with a host of other excellent blogs. Of course it's one of the handful of posts I didn't write, but that's besides the point.

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Comments (3)

HA! There I be in Chapter 4... (Below threshold)

HA! There I be in Chapter 4! I hope she remembers she owes be a printed copy.


Hi, Paul. All of the contri... (Below threshold)

Hi, Paul. All of the contributors are supposed to get copies from the publisher (William James imprint of Franklin & Beedle). If the publisher hasn't contacted you about receiving yours, email me and I will pass your email on to my editor.

They contacted me, and I'm ... (Below threshold)

They contacted me, and I'm going to forward it on to him.






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