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Interesting Bits

Actual news is going to be pretty scarce for the next few days...

  • Tractor Man is out of jail (DC motorists will remember this clown).
  • Anonymous, the former CIA operative and author of the forthcoming Imperial Hubris has been identified.
  • Marlon Brando dead? Who knew he was still alive?
  • As of July 1st Virginia residents are entitled to Saturday or Sunday off. If you have to work you could be entitled to triple pay.
  • Remember the story about the guy who called fast food restaurants and got managers to strip search employees and customers? Amazingly enough they caught the guy.


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Comments (2)

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?... (Below threshold)


I thought it was a false alarm.

Crap. Gotta find that dead pool entry.

It's been confirmed by his ... (Below threshold)

It's been confirmed by his attorney and family.






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