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Last Shameless Plug (For The Day)

I'll be on the Cam & Company show this afternoon at 4 PM (Eastern). Other roundtable guest will be Ralph Hallow of the Washington Times, Dean from Dean's World, Bill from INDC Journal, and Chuck from You Big Mouth, You.

You can watch via the Internet at NRAnews.com.

Who knows, maybe we will discuss this: House members send letter to Secretary General Annan requesting UN observers for the 2004 U.S. election. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out which whack jobs signed on to that idea...

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I'm all for the idea that U... (Below threshold)

I'm all for the idea that UN observers be placed in Florida to cover the 2004 Elections.

In fact, I absolutely insist that the same observers that were used for Kofi Annan's open, transparent, and democratic election to the post of UN Secretary General be deployed.






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