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Street Legal

With the passing of the underage version of the Olsen Twins into adulthood (and allegedly into cocaine dependency), the next underage contestant on the clock was Lindsay Lohan. All good things must come to an end, and the era of the under age Lohan is now over. Apparently her boob doctor was under no age constraints as she's been sporting these for a while.

So what can we expect from Lohan in the future? A remake of I Dream Of Jeanie.


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Comments (5)

Mmmmm! Thank you! Now I kno... (Below threshold)

Mmmmm! Thank you! Now I know why I still read this blog :)

She's street legal, but nee... (Below threshold)

She's street legal, but needs to have that headlight worked on.

Kevin, I am declaring war, ... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I am declaring war, you have gotten to the point where you are OUTbabing me. That is unacceptable. So check my blog in about 20 min.

The missiles are flying. <... (Below threshold)

The missiles are flying. Hallelujah.

Okay, Kev. The first shots ... (Below threshold)

Okay, Kev. The first shots have been fired. But since I am good friends with the owners of Voodo productions, I will invite you down when they do the Swimsuit shoot on the beach here in Costa Rica. And by the way, Amanda is as intelligent as she is beautiful. I partied with her and the two other owners of VP, when they were down here about three months ago.






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