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Anna Who?

Sharapova Beats Williams in Wimbledon Final.


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Comments (13)

not only is she better look... (Below threshold)

not only is she better looking than anna, but she can actually play tennis

Aye, she's quite the hottie... (Below threshold)

Aye, she's quite the hottie. Noticed her photo on the front of the Post's Sports section today.

<a href="http://billclinton... (Below threshold)
Comeone Kevin, is that the ... (Below threshold)

Comeone Kevin, is that the best you can do. Now I thought you would run up the white flag in the babe war, BUT NOOOOOOOOOO! I will have to respond of course.

I've got a secret newsworth... (Below threshold)

I've got a secret newsworthy babe up my sleve...

Go for it, cause I am holdi... (Below threshold)

Go for it, cause I am holding some in reserve. :-)

I'm glad everyone is branch... (Below threshold)

I'm glad everyone is branching out and looking beyond the stuningly beautiful Anna; however, I think Anna's looks are far superior to this Maria Sharapova person.

Well the Ukraine girls r... (Below threshold)

Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out...

you know the rest.

Maria is much cuter than An... (Below threshold)

Maria is much cuter than Anna. And she's not a TPINO either.

Maybe I'm just not looking ... (Below threshold)

Maybe I'm just not looking at the best picture of her. If anyone has hotter pictures of Maria would they please post them. Thanks.

And by doing so you are doing ALL of us a favor.

TPINO? [scratching head]</... (Below threshold)

TPINO? [scratching head]

I believe that's Tennis Pla... (Below threshold)

I believe that's Tennis Player In Name Only, which is probably a shot at talentless bimbo Anna Kournikova.

In other news, I can't help noticing that it's a little *ahem* chilly at Wimbledon

Y'know, I think there's a d... (Below threshold)

Y'know, I think there's a deeper meaning to the way men drool over women who whack balls with large, mesh paddle-like things. I'll refrain from drawing the line between the two points; that's what I have the rest of you for. *grin*






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