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Iraq Group Says It Beheaded U.S. Marine

This is a developing story...

DUBAI (Reuters) - The militant group the Army of Ansar al-Sunna said in an Internet statement that it had beheaded a U.S. marine kidnapped in Iraq and was holding another "infidel" hostage.

"We tell your leadership that we beheaded the marine of Lebanese origin Hassoun and you will see the film with your own eyes soon," said the Arabic-language statement, which was carried on at least two Islamic Web sites on Saturday.

Arabic television Al Jazeera last Sunday screened a video tape of militants holding a blindfolded Wassef Ali Hassoun with a sword poised over his head. They demanded the release of prisoners in Iraq.

It was not immediately possible to verify the authenticity of the statement, which was addressed to President Bush and advised him to withdraw his troops from Iraq.

"Your soldier had romantic relations with an Arab girl and he was lured away from his base," the statement said.

"And we will soon issue a new tape showing a new infidel hostage," it said without giving the nationality of the hostage.

The usual suspects of sites will have the video when it becomes available (Ogrish and Consumption Junction - NSFW both have plenty of porn links).

Jeff Quinton has a roundup of coverage. Additional extensive coverage from James Joyner, Chris Short, Amanda Doerty, and Terrorism Unveiled

Update: Al Jazeera, in addition to reporting on the beheading, has an analysis of beheading as a weapon of terror. From their conclusion there is one point th

Nothing succeeds like success and so long as the acts continue to put pressure on enemy governments there is little incentive for the perpetrators to stop, according to Robins.

"Behaviour is maintained or increased by its consequences. This (beheadings) gets an enormous amount of attention and scrutiny and therefore it is highly likely it will continue."

The latest beheading of US marine Wassef Ali Hassoun would seem to underline the point.

I do agree that pressure should be put on our government, but not the kind the terrorist are hoping for. With the handover to the interim Iraqi government complete, it's time increase the offensive against the terrorists and their sympathizers, while working to get them to out of the foreign dominated terror groups.

Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi seems to get the strategy alternatively announcing an all out security offensive and hinting at ammnesty for insurgents.

Update 2: New reports cast doubt on the original story.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - An Iraqi guerrilla group denied on Sunday that it put out a statement a day earlier claiming to have beheaded kidnapped Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun, leaving the fate of the U.S. Marine unclear.

The denial by the Ansar al-Sunna Army group left open the possibility that the 24-year-old American of Lebanese origin was killed by another group or that he was still alive.


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Comments (4)

Blame the neo-con, Bush cab... (Below threshold)

Blame the neo-con, Bush cabal for his death. The best book I read about the Neo-Cons is this one. It tells you how our country was sucked into war in Iraq and that the neo-cons WON the war. Or at least they accomplished their goals. Very insightful. The neo-cons won, America lost!

I see you've already been "... (Below threshold)

I see you've already been "trolled," Kevin. My sympathies. There's nothing you can do with an unmannerly idiot except kick his ass or ignore him, and trolls are rather hard to track down for the former treatment.

This murder is different. The Marines look after their own, even their strays and fallen-away. I think things are going to get rather exciting for the terrorists quite soon.

The Bush Administration has been restrained almost beyond belief up to this point, but it has to end now. The murder of Corporal Hassoun, and the threat by the Islamists to kidnap and kill female soldiers have upped the ante to the point where we have to call them on it. Either there will be a major operation, much bloodshed, and a brace of terrorist heads on pikes within the next couple of weeks, or we'll disengage completely and leave Iraq to its fate. Given Dubya's character and the Administration's display of resolve to this point, I expect the former.

I hope the Muslim world is ... (Below threshold)

I hope the Muslim world is taking notes. The terrorists aren't just content with targeting non-Muslims any more ...

See post above about this i... (Below threshold)

See post above about this issue. I agree with you pennywit. but I think it was always just a bunch of crazies using the Muslim faith as a front and not for anything else but to rile and cause mistrust of that peope against all others not of that faith. Hate of what is not understood is a powerfull tool, and they tapped into it in the middle east.






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