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I'm thinking it's time for a redesign at Wizbang.

There are a variety of "skins" for the site that I imagine are mostly unused, so those would go and the default view would be the basis for a redesign. That's about as far as I've got in my ideas.

I'm open to suggestions...

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Do your thing -- just pleas... (Below threshold)

Do your thing -- just please keep the white typing background so I can keep reading it. ;)

The only recommendations I ... (Below threshold)

The only recommendations I have for you (which you already know, but I'm good at telling people what they already know) are:

1) Keep it readable. Communicating is the primary purpose of your blog, so don't let any design change interfere with that.

2) Just don't pick out obscene combinations of colors, like my dear friend, the color-blind idiot James does on his site.

In the end, it doesn't matter a whole lot to folks like me who do the majority of their reading on your site through their RSS reader.

Tickle your fancy, dude.

change is bad. why do we al... (Below threshold)

change is bad. why do we always get the same sandwitch at our favorite fast food joint? because it is comfortable, familiar, etc. If you must make changes, keep them simple and similar to what it is now. I really have appriciated your site.






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