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A Capital Fourth

Fourth of July fireworks explode in the sky behind the U.S. Capitol and Washington Monument, Sunday, July 4, 2004, in Washington. (AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)

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Do you think that maybe nex... (Below threshold)

Do you think that maybe next year we could ban tourists from coming to town? If not, could we at least require that they a) speak English, b) don't smell, and c) shut the hell up during the fireworks?

Hey Wizbang: I have enjoyed... (Below threshold)

Hey Wizbang: I have enjoyed reading your blog (and sometimes participating in ongoing discussions) for several weeks.Now after a visit at a former Professor of mine I gave your blog adress together with tall-glas of milk, watcher-of-weasels and davids medienkritik to two German professors of political science (both specialist for American politics and both rather conservative minds!). I think that "blogging" will be a new megatrend for politics in the comming years and that the work and efforts of people like you should get more recognition. Also it would be interesting to see, what actual influence blogs can develop on the long run in their efforts to counter biased media.
Might well be that soon the Professors themselfes or some of their students will start to monitor your blog for some scientific research on new lines of political communication etc.......... Should be cool, don't you think?

Mud Blood and Beer: I happen to know a number of American citizen who a) don't speak anything even remotely sounding like real English (and I am not speaking about Latino or Asian immigrants!), b) are quite smelly themselves (body odor is not simply a non-American problem). As to make the shut up during fireworks: yep, that would be some improvement!

Cheerio from Old Europe






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