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Group Claims Captured U.S. Marine Released

From Aljazeera:

In a statement delivered to Aljazeera, a purported Iraqi resistance group has said it released a US marine who had earlier been reported killed.

The group, calling itself "Islamic Response - the security wing of the Islamic Resistance of Iraq", said on Monday it sent Cpl Wasif Ali Hassun, a US Marine of Lebanese heritage, to a "safe place" but without specifying the exact location.

The armed group said Hassun announced he will not rejoin the US army.

Excellent news if it turns out to be true.

The Command Post notes that the various press accounts differ on whether he was "released" (as noted here) or moved to a "place of safety". Since both terms appear in the Al Jazeera report I'll assume that their reading of the entire message (as yet unpublished) supports the use of "released."

Previous Coverage:

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Update: Hassoun's family says they are confident that he is free based on information they have received.


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Comments (4)

He's in on it.... (Below threshold)

He's in on it.

If you're right, Spoons, it... (Below threshold)

If you're right, Spoons, it was a foolish maneuver, and one that will be easily exposed once he's returned to the tender, loving care of his beloved US Marine Corps.

Why? He comes back, denoun... (Below threshold)

Why? He comes back, denounces the war, no fuss, no muss.

Sorry for the slow response... (Below threshold)

Sorry for the slow response.

Hassoun will be heavily "debriefed" when he's back in USMC custody. If there are any chinks in his story, they'll be found.






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