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Retro Crap


Columbus, Ohio (AP) - A regional burger chain's quirky reputation for peddling small, square burgers at all hours has stirred cravings where it never did before - among clothing buyers for department stores and teen chains.

In July, department store chain Lord and Taylor is to begin selling T-shirts with four designs featuring White Castle's logo and slogans, such as "Always Open Always Tasty."

Several teen clothing retailers - including Hot Topic, Buckle and Urban Outfitters - also have started selling the clothing since a local T-shirt company licensed the brand last fall.

"This is part of that vintage-inspired retro look that is so hot right now," said Regina Norfolk, a spokeswoman for the Filene's and Kaufmann's department stores, which carry the shirts in their stores throughout the Midwest and Northeast. "The shirts are very successful."

One of life's great disappointments is having a White Castle burger while sober. It's just not the same.

Shameless merchandise tie-in - Harold & Kumar Go To Whitecastle - sure to be in theaters for all of 15 minutes...

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Yeah, that's what I need, 1... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that's what I need, 16 year old girls wearing the "Always Open and Always Tasty" shirt....

Ah...come on. Don't go kno... (Below threshold)

Ah...come on. Don't go knocking my White Castles. After being deprived of the glory that they are for 10 years (not to be found in Northern VA), I have again found my beloved staple in Northern Florida. Nothing beats a bag of 10 luke warm White Castle cheese burgers!

And they're different from ... (Below threshold)

And they're different from Little Tavern burgers how?

I didn't recall (not that I... (Below threshold)

I didn't recall (not that I looked very hard) seeing Krystals, White Castles and have never heard of Little Tavern? What the hell is that and where are they so I can at least direct my dad in that direction! In NOVA?

Here's a page on <a href="h... (Below threshold)

Here's a page on Little Tavern. Mostly extinct now...

The greatness of White Cast... (Below threshold)

The greatness of White Castle is quantity over quality. I've never ate one while intoxicated so I can't say if they taste better then.

I realize this comment is p... (Below threshold)

I realize this comment is pointless, because James is a hit-and-run commenter (what a dweeb!), but James, what was the name of that hamburger stand across from AnnuityNet? Wasn't it a Little Tavern?






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