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Dewey Beats Truman II

Look now, it's a "major award." Maybe there will be a prize; perhaps something like the award from A Christmas Story...

Update: Of course there's the very real possibility that some Kerry campaign mischief had a hand in Post's boner.


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Comments (2)

I heard about this on the r... (Below threshold)

I heard about this on the radio this morning, then, within a half hour, hears about Edwards. Immediately went to corner deli and picked up a bunch of copies.

Hello, Ebay! Pristine editions available!

The newstand copy of the Ne... (Below threshold)

The newstand copy of the New York Post…… $.50

A cup of Starbucks coffee……… $7.50

The look on the editor’s face when the wrong photo & caption is ran……… “priceless"






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