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My humor producing capacity is as poor as my 0-3 performance in tonights softball tournament, so I've glommed off a few tidbits of the pictorial and video variety from elsewhere...

  • Legal XXX has more suacy Debra Beasley Lafave pictures.

  • James of Ibejo has an exclusive look at the new Kerry/Edward plane. They must be doing the McCain Straight Talk Express theme...

  • Macy Gray carried through on her threat to perform nude - the photo doesn't lie, and fortunately a strategically place chair keeps your eyes from burning out.

  • Rocker Glenn Danzig gets his clock cleaned courtesy of another performer (with video).

  • John Kerry is informed of this mornings New York Post cover story.
Next Tuesday part two of the tournament should provide me an opportunity for redemption. Those linked above probably won't be so lucky...


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Comments (5)

It must be an age thing, be... (Below threshold)

It must be an age thing, because I never heard of Macy Gray. I hope she sings better'n she looks.

Tell me this is fast pitch ... (Below threshold)

Tell me this is fast pitch softball. For how does pull an O-fer in slow pitch softball where the BAD hitters are checking in at .500?

Please tell me that Debra a... (Below threshold)

Please tell me that Debra accepts school vouchers? Or green stamps? Losing lotto tickets?
Or maybe she has a "Paypal button."

Anything, how about my last ten bucks and a ragged copy of my high school diploma?

Step and drive, watch the b... (Below threshold)

Step and drive, watch the ball all the way ... lol

Sorry Marc - a highschool d... (Below threshold)

Sorry Marc - a highschool diploma generally dates you at least between 17 and 18 years old. That makes you way older than her type.






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